Our National Health Practice provides a range of expertise that can assist across the health system including health analytics, integrated care, productivity and digital health.

    We work with clients to help solve the complex challenges health organisations face - working on diverse projects, from the development of the most appropriate health policies and strategies, to on the ground implementation.

    We are a team of over 100 health specialists providing a depth of understanding and practical experience reflective of our dedication to the health industry and diverse backgrounds – from clinicians, hospital administrators, policy experts, program directors, actuaries, to thoughts leaders in e-Health and Disability.

    Our Australian team brings experience from the US, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Singapore and we have ready access to the accumulated knowledge of PwC's Global Health Team and PwC's Health Research Institute.

    We can work with you to help solve the complex challenges you face. We work on diverse projects, from the development of the most appropriate health policies and strategies, to on-the-ground implementation – working shoulder to shoulder with you and your team.

    Our clients include state and federal government, leading private sector organisations such as private insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and new entrants into the health market. 

    National Leaders

    Sarah Butler
    Partner, National Health Leader, Sydney
    Tel: +61 2 8266 5091
    Richard Royle
    Partner, Digital Health Leader , Brisbane
    Tel: +61 7 3257 5175

    Office Based Leaders

    Nathan Schlesinger
    Partner, NSW Leader, Sydney
    Tel: +61 2 8266 0990
    Chris Rogan
    Partner, QLD Leader, Brisbane
    Tel: +61 7 3257 5152
    Tricia Tebbutt
    Partner, WA Leader, Perth
    Tel: +61 8 9238 5043
    Michael Kitts
    Partner, VIC Leader, Melbourne
    Tel: +61 2 8266 3542
    Stuart Babbage
    Partner, ACT Leader, Canberra
    Tel: +61 2 6271 3021

    Creating value for your business

    Healthcare updates

    Healthcare reform: Why the stars are finally aligning

    This report explores how environmental factors, combined with more powerful and integrated technologies are creating opportunities to significantly improve Australia's healthcare system. 

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    Standing on the shoulders of giants: Driving digital transformation by adopting 'Meaningful Use' legislation

    This report explores how the adoption of 'Meaningful Use' legislation in an Australian context can drive digital transformation in Australian hospitals. 

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    The DNA of Health IT Change Management

    This paper shares PwC’s experience with change management challenges associated with eHRs in Australia as seen from the individual perspectives of relevant professions – a Doctor, Nurse, Allied Health professional and Health Administrator, the ‘DNA’ of health IT change management.

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    mHealth Insights Series

    According to the PwC and GSMA report, global mHealth revenues will increase nearly six-fold by 2017, with monitoring services and applications representing 65% of the market. Based on this finding, mHealth has the potential to make a great impact on the healthcare industry, yet organisations are still uncertain on how to capitalise on the technology.

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    The value of Indigenous sight

    PwC and PwC's Indigenous Consulting (PIC) worked with the University of Melbourne to estimate the economic benefits of implementing the 42 recommendations in the Roadmap. Our report, The value of Indigenous Sight, compares the costs and benefits of current eye care services and programs with the costs and benefits of the additional strategies and activities recommended by the Roadmap.

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    Issues and Decisions - a report on the Australian pharmaceutical industry

    Based on a survey of industry participants from pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and industry peak bodies, the report brings together a 'whole of industry' picture of views, concerns, emerging issues and trends.

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    Weighing the cost of obesity: A case for action 

    Connecting the dots

    Integrating care

    Chapter 3

    Understanding the moments that matter to the patient is essential for integrating care, to deliver the best patient experience and outcomes. PwC's National Health Practice interviews, Justin McLean, PwC Partner and Cancer 'thrivor'.

    Moments that matter

    Chapter 4

    " I was the youngest by 32 years in the ward and rebuilding my body physically was a key moment that mattered to me"

    PwC's National Health Practice interviews, Justin McLean, PwC partner and Cancer 'thrivor'.

    The role of the Carer

    There's no ward like home

    Chapter 5

    "The role of the carer is one of the most powerful and necessary roles that cannot be understated at all"

    PwC's National Health Practice interviews, Justin McLean, PwC partner and Cancer 'thrivor'.

    The future - 'Thrivor'

    More than just a survivor

    Chapter 6

    "The biggest thing as an outsider I would like to contribute back as an outsider and assist with, is this experience in totality."

    PwC's National Health Practice interviews, Justin McLean, PwC partner and Cancer 'thrivor'.