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High Performing Healthcare

Human centred, insight driven, digitally enabled

Sustainability in healthcare continues to be a major challenge. Managing demand in a financially constrained environment requires a fundamental shift in how healthcare services are delivered.

The health service of the future needs to meet growing expectations of a dynamic, digitally enabled and more efficient and effective healthcare experience. This will require strong organisational alignment, and greater focus on staff experience and engagement.

Traditional performance improvement initiatives have typically focused on cost reduction, process improvements and technology implementation. The expectation has been for these changes to flow seamlessly across hospital services and functions - through theatres, wards, emergency departments and back office.

However, sustaining the benefits from improvement activities has often been challenging for health services. Too often, organisations are unable to successfully transform workflows and return to baseline performance.

Health services face many common challenges and pain points when delivering sustainable change

  • Achieving Board to Ward alignment on the health services strategic direction
  • Agreeing expectations and performance targets supported by appropriate governance and accountability structures
  • Prioritising the right transformation and improvement initiatives (people, process and technology) within a fiscally constrained environment
  • Ensuring staff have access to the right tools, technologies, equipment and information to deliver high quality and safe care
  • Creating a health service culture that promotes high performance, collaboration and care, and reduces staff fatigue and burnout
  • Fostering the right skills and capabilities to empower clinicians to be greater leaders and manage constrained budgets
  • Using data and information in a way that creates meaningful insights to deliver high quality outcomes
  • Delivering what patients value by linking technology, to clinician experience and patient experience

Overcoming these barriers, and sustaining high performance requires a new approach

A human centred and insight driven approach is needed to create a dramatically improved experience for all, particularly clinicians and their patients. Based on extensive research and experience, PwC has designed a framework to bring this new approach to our clients, known as High Performing Healthcare.

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What a High Performing Healthcare organisation looks like

The four key elements of the High Performing Healthcare framework focus on delivering improved experiences and outcomes for staff and clinicians, and the patients and communities which they serve.

What a High Performing Healthcare organisation looks like

Maximise your impact

Is there Board to Ward alignment of your organisation’s vision, strategy and values?

Success stems from having a clear and compelling identity, designed with clinicians, understood by all staff, and aligned to the current and future needs of the community. 

Strategic planning must be clinically-led and designed collaboratively to inform technology and operational options that future-proof the delivery of 'right care, right place, right time'.

Deliver strong results

Does shared governance and accountability drive your performance?

When leaders and staff are empowered to make decisions based on accessible, relevant and timely data insights, they are enabled to work at the highest scope of practice. 

Governance, accountability and effective ways of working connects teams to ensure a collective balance between meeting operational objectives aligned to the health system's strategic direction.  

Inspire better outcomes

Does your organisational culture encourage and enable high performance, collaboration and care? 

To deliver exceptional patient experience, it is essential that teams and individuals are empowered to continuously innovate and improve, while accepting accountability for achieving objectives. 

This is managed through clearly defined roles; a collaborative and psychologically safe culture; and investment in the right capabilities across people, process and technology to achieve success.

Deliver for patients

Is there a focus on creating meaningful change to improve the patient experience?

True transformation in healthcare means putting quality patient experience and outcomes at the heart of everything we do. 

There is greater opportunity to deliver what matters most to the patient and improve the experience and care they receive, for example by leveraging technology like wearables, ieMR and the Internet of Things.

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