High Performing Healthcare

Delivering quality improvement strategies in healthcare, for a dynamic, digitally enabled and more effective healthcare experience.

Driving quality and sustainability in healthcare

Healthcare management has never been as complex, demanding and dynamic as it is today. For many healthcare organisations, the challenge of balancing service demand, high quality care and limited resources - particularly as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic - continues to grow.

Overcoming these barriers, and sustaining high performance healthcare requires a new approach: one that is human centred, insight driven and digitally enabled. 

Based on extensive research, expertise and experience, PwC has designed a framework to bring this new approach to healthcare organisations, known as High Performing Healthcare. Using this framework, we can help your organisation identify quality improvement strategies in healthcare, so that you can transform your healthcare experience for the better. 

This is the time to act and pivot. To make the operational and structural changes needed to deliver sustained outcomes, achieve greater resilience and achieve truly high performance healthcare. 


How PwC can help you

We know that to meet future demands, a dynamic, digitally enabled and more efficient and effective healthcare experience is required.

We lead the market in identifying and assembling the right mix of collaborators, advisers, subject matter experts and technology, together with our human ingenuity, to deliver innovation and sustainability in healthcare.

Speak to our community of experts today about how we can help you realise and sustain your healthcare goals.


The complexities of healthcare management today

  • There is often a disconnect between the ‘Board’ and the ‘Ward’ in terms of organisational strategic direction
  • Expectations and performance targets should be supported by appropriate governance and accountability structures
  • Health services often find it challenging to prioritise the right transformation and improvement initiatives across people, process and technology
  • To deliver safe, high performance healthcare, staff must have access to the right tools, technologies, equipment
  • Ensuring sustainability in healthcare management is not possible without first creating a positive organisational culture
  • To empower clinicians to become greater leaders, there must be mechanisms in place to foster professional skills and capabilities 
  • Data and information must be used in a way that creates meaningful insights, to deliver high performance healthcare
  • Quality improvement strategies in healthcare include focusing on what patients value, and linking this to clinician experience

Driving High Performance Healthcare

This survey tool has been designed to help deliver a dramatically improved experience for all, particularly for clinicians and their patients.

Human centred, insight driven, digitally enabled. 

It all adds up to the new equation.

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Watch our video to learn more about PwC's High Performing Healthcare framework.

What high performance healthcare looks like

The four key elements of the High Performing Healthcare framework focus on delivering improved experiences and outcomes for staff and clinicians, and the patients and communities which they serve.

What a High Performing Healthcare organisation looks like

Maximise your impact

Is there Board to Ward alignment of your organisation’s vision, strategy and values?

Strategic organisational planning must be clinically-led and designed collaboratively to enable high performance healthcare. That is, to enable the delivery of 'right care, right place, right time'.

Deliver strong results

Does shared governance and accountability drive your performance?

Healthcare that balances meeting operational objectives with strategic direction relies heavily upon strong governance and accountability. 

Inspire better outcomes

Does your organisational culture encourage and enable high performance, collaboration and care? 

To deliver exceptional patient experience, it is vital to consistently invest in the right capabilities across people, process and technology to achieve success.

Deliver for patients

Is there a focus on creating meaningful change to improve the patient experience?

To truly achieve high performance healthcare, it is essential to put quality patient experience and outcomes at the heart of everything you do. 

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