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PwC's Banking Matters provides in-depth analysis of the financial results of the major Australian banks and also explores current and future banking trends from Australia and across our global network.

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Forest emerging: Trends continue - as do challenges and uncertainties

Our latest June quarter analysis suggests that long-term headwinds still stand between the major banks and significant growth. Based on reporting from two banks, as well as market statistics, it appears that key financial indicators for the quarter remain flat or are deteriorating. There is also no evidence yet of a post-election ‘bounce’ in balance sheets or financials.

Also, performance remains very tough, with costs coming into focus. In addition to market share and growth, key financial metrics continue on a flat or downward trajectory, notwithstanding some quarter-on-quarter variability. This reinforces the hard yards required for the banks to support performance, especially on core costs. Moreover, the risks and uncertainties facing the industry and global environment remain as we’ve described before, though perhaps more visibly reflected by markets than in the past.

Banks are surrounded by a forest of challenges growing around them. To navigate through this, they must address customer remediation and rising regulatory commitments, as well as completing asset disposals. Simultaneously, they must have one eye on tomorrow’s competitive landscape, which means investing today in productivity, culture, customer centricity and innovation.



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Banking Matters

PwC's Banking Matters series incorporates our regular Major Banks Analysis and industry Hot Topic.

Our Major Banks Analysis provides in-depth analysis and commentary of the financial results of the four major Australian banks, with insights for local and global banking communities.

Our regular Hot Topic explores current and future banking issues and trends, addressing important challenges, opportunities and imperatives facing the banks including risk, regulation, remediation, transformation, workforce, technology, leadership, executive accountability, pricing and cost management.

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