Helping solve the complex challenges facing the health industry

Our National Health Practice works with all segments of the health sector, bringing a depth of understanding and practical experience that can only come from people who have dedicated their professional lives to the industry, supported by the resources of a global firm.
Our team of over 200 health specialists come from diverse backgrounds including: clinicians, hospital management experts, policy experts, strategists, actuaries, program directors, technologists to thought leaders in specific topics like e-Health, Aged Care, Mental Health and Disability.
We work with clients to help solve the complex challenges health organisations face - working on diverse projects, from the development of the most appropriate health policies and strategies, to on the ground implementation.

How one Partner and the PwC Health Economics team demonstrated the impact and benefits of a rare cancer treatment

PwC Australia Partner John Cannings was diagnosed in 2014 with a rare lung cancer, ALK-rearranged (or ALK-positive) lung cancer. Less than 5% of patients with non-small cell lung cancer have tumors with a specific abnormality, a chromosomal rearrangement in a gene called ALK. John was one of them.

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Reimagining healthcare - Our seven focus areas for leaders

Consumer empowerment

Identify and deliver on what consumers value most, putting the 'patient at the centre'. Use patient reported outcomes to measure success and provide greater transparency to support better decisions.

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Keeping people healthy

Shift focus from treatment of illness to wellness and prevention (including social determinants of health). Increase health literacy and encourage Australians to take greater responsibility for their health.

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Right care, place and time

Implement new models of “integrated care” (e.g. prevention and care in the community). Increase quality and eliminate waste. Rethink business models, e.g. products to solutions, experience.

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Digital and Analytics

Leverage technology and integrated data to deliver more convenient, affordable and personalised prevention and quality care. Build cyber security capabilities to manage increased risks as we digitise the health system.

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Reconfigure the workforce

Build new capabilities for the future, e.g. digital and analytics, multi-disciplinary teams, leadership and change management. Consider how AI and robotics can complement human capital.

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Outcomes based funding

Shift from volume to value to enable prevention, new care models and eliminate cost-shifting. Explore new models to drive innovation, e.g. social benefits bonds, PPPs. Integrate behavioural incentives into insurance.

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Public and private organisations, Commonwealth and State, new entrants and established players, even competitors can benefit by partnering to deliver consumer centred health services.

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Why PwC?

The most important problems are better solved together. PwC leads the market in identifying and assembling the right mix of collaborators, advisers, subject matter experts and technology, together with our people, to deliver innovative solutions. Through the power of many minds, insights become impact, opportunities become outcomes and Australia prospers.
We call this, The Together Effect.

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