PwC Australia’s 23rd CEO Survey

Opportunity within uncertainty

The 2020 outlook is stark. 80% of Australia’s CEOs are concerned about economic growth, the path ahead is fraught with uncertainty. Increasing pessimism means global and local CEOs have some tough decisions to make; this is no time for complacency.

CEOs who are confident in these uncertain times believe differentiating capabilities will enable their strategic goals. Confidence is coming from organisations who are able to distinguish themselves. There is opportunity within uncertainty.

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Our recent Australia Matters campaign showcased the crucial questions business leaders need to be asking across a series of blind spots. Our CEO Survey findings continue the thread by providing key actions required to navigate through uncertainty, explore the key findings below:


80% of local CEOs are concerned about economic growth

The path forward is fraught with uncertainty, but there are advantages to be gained for organisations willing to step out of the comfort of complacency. 

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78% of local CEOs say that availability of key skills is a top threat to growth

With the availability of key skills a top threat to growth, organisations committed to progressing on their upskilling journey will be the ones to reap the rewards.

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73% of local CEOs have identified speed of technology change as an obstacle to growth

Organisations are operating in an environment where technology is both fostering inclusion and also dividing people. Opportunity awaits for organisations solving trust issues.

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Climate change

65% of local CEOs reveal climate change and environmental damage as a top risk to growth

Concerns around climate change and environmental damage as a threat to growth have been increasing year on year. Now, there is converging sentiment and expectation that climate change is a business issue, as well as a broader societal issue.

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63% of local CEOs cite the lack of trust in business as a threat to growth 

Leaders are acting on new expectations from stakeholders, but recent high profile cases in wage trust, means complacency around trust cannot be allowed.

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Of Australia’s CEOs are concerned about economic growth in 2020


Australia has consolidated its position as China’s top market for growth


The number of CEOs who see key skills as a top threat to growth

2 in 3

Of Australia’s CEOs see climate change and environmental damage as a threat

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