Asia Practice

Doing business with Asia and Australia

If you're looking at doing business with Asia, our Asia Advisory team connects you with our international networks and in-depth market insights and analysis to help you succeed.

We have practical experience, strength on the ground and deep cultural understanding. We use this to help you navigate the intricacies of inbound and outbound investment with Asia.

PwC in Asia – market entry and growth strategy experts

Our dedicated and bilingual Asia Advisory team provides solutions to help Australian organisations, across all sectors, achieve true Asia capability. As leaders in this space, we work closely with our strong global PwC network to support you doing business with Asia via our suite of professional consultancy services for business practicalities, including:

  • Business consultancy
  • Market insights and analysis
  • Industry insights and analysis 
  • Law and regulation
  • Sales and marketing
  • Trade and investment
  • Tax and accountancy
  • Government engagement
  • Risk management
  • Developing successful free trade agreements

Asia Taskforce will get your business Asia ready

We partner with the Business Council of Australia and Asia Society Australia to advance Australian organisations doing business with Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan and other ASEAN states.

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Asia Taskforce

Meet the wide Asia Practice team

Contact us to learn about how we use human ingenuity and specialised Asia business services to future-proof your organisation.

China Practice

Kai Zhang

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 422 657 503


Cathy Li

Partner, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 488 070 833


Hong Shao

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 0488 918018


Ada Lou

Director, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 403 288 887


Grace Ji

Managing Director, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 434 107 598


Japan Practice

Jason Hayes

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 407 232 142


Toru Aikawa

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 2 8266 0462


Korea Practice

Paul Yoo

Senior Manager, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 481 184 600


India Practice

Sumanth Prakash

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 407 246 629


Jasmin Kaur gurdep singh

Partner, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 487 772 177


ASEAN Practice

Sung Lee

Director, Asia Practice, Canberra, PwC Australia

+61 488 113 397


Akuntina Novriani

Director, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 439 252 234


Mian Rubiana

Senior Manager, Parramatta, PwC Australia

+61 416 367 466


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Sung Lee

Sung Lee

Director, Asia Practice, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 488 113 397