Agriculture supports Australia’s rural communities and contributes significantly to our national economy.

We help many agricultural producers, processors and investors adapt to rapid global change on crucial matters such as:

  • food security
  • availability of arable land
  • changing diets in developing countries
  • access to established infrastructure. 

Who we are

We are one of the largest providers of professional services to the Australian agribusiness sector. Our clients range from family-owned and operated farms to large publicly traded agribusinesses. 

How we can work with you

We help our agribusiness clients prosper, even in the face of natural disasters, a fluctuating Australian dollar, volatile global commodity markets and international protectionism.

Against this backdrop, Australian agricultural producers and investors who demonstrate resilience, innovation and a deep understanding of the land and the markets they serves can prosper. Australia is well placed to benefit from growing demand for its agricultural products, and strong investor interest in production and processing infrastructure and systems. 

Creating value for your business


We can cover audit requirements specific to agribusiness, such as:

  • applying the agriculture accounting standard (IAS 41)
  • understanding illiquid soft commodity markets
  • assessing the effects of prolonged drought on asset values
  • accounting for water rights.


Our tax experience extends across the agribusiness spectrum, including:

  • tax compliance for family pastoral companies
  • effective tax planning for divestments and restructures
  •  structuring options for inbound offshore investment funds.


Our agribusiness-specific services include:

  • transaction services and corporate finance advice on major divestments and acquisitions
  • economic advice (including a dedicated water team)
  • advising major bulk handlers on commodity and treasury risk management
  • advising industry and government on the effects of climate change.

Private Clients

Our agribusiness team can help you with a range of services including:

  • Succession planning - next generation, sale or IPO ready
  • Facilitating funding options to expand your business
  • Developing strategies to optimise business growth locally or overseas
  • Working with inbound investors and developing outbound channels

Contact us

Craig Heraghty
Agribusiness Leader
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Derrick Vickers
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Joff Macleod
Partner, Private Clients
Tel: +61 (3) 8603 1199

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