Mining Excellence at PwC delivers local solutions to global mining challenges

From the boardroom to the pit floor, PwC has the broadest range of mining professional services in Australia and globally. PwC is uniquely positioned to connect the operational, technological and financial aspects of mining to create new forms of sustainable value for miners and their suppliers.

Mining Excellence at PwC has been designed to mobilise and leverage PwC's collective global knowledge and connections to deliver an exceptional and tailored client experience, helping our clients navigate the complex industry landscape and meet their growth aspirations. Our team of specialists is exclusively focused on the sector and brings an industry-based approach to deliver value for you and your organisation.

While issues faced by miners across the industry may be similar, we understand that ‘value' means different things to different people. That's why at PwC it's not just about providing the ‘right' answers. Our team of mining specialists remain focused on relationships to help our clients navigate the complex mining world and deliver on objectives.

Mining Excellence at PwC provides our clients with: 

Leading edge knowledge and insight

With significant investment in the research behind our mining publications and a comprehensive industry learning and development program, our professionals can share both industry and technical insight with our clients, such as:

  • A library of industry publications designed to help challenge "conventional" thinking and delve into topical industry issues. This includes:
    • Flagship publications such as Mine and Aussie Mine 
    • The Deals series providing short ‘points of view’ on M&A in different commodities and other key issues in financing mining projects
    • The Insight Series focuses on specific issues most important to miners such as Productivity and Efficiency
  • An extensive industry development program for our people and clients. This features our local university-style courses Hard Hat and Asia School of Mines 

Connections to our vast network of mining experts

We have the widest network of mining experts who work out of strategic mining hubs across the globe to help better connect you to vital mining markets. Our connections provide:

  • Seamless client service delivered with collaborative cross-border account management
  • Maximised deal potential through a well-connected global community of mining leaders
  • A well-connected and mobile workforce to ensure effective service delivery in even the most remote mining locations

Delivery of our clients definition of "value"

With mining experts working around Australia and across the globe our award winning teams are helping clients deliver on specific projects and organisational productivity and growth aspirations.

We offer operational consulting, digital change, deals, tax and audit services to global corporations and locally listed companies, including:

  • a suite of niche mining consulting capabilities focused on improving productivity across mining operations and effectively managing risk to help our clients grow their business and deliver shareholder value
  • a comprehensive client feedback program to ensure we are always improving and delivering on individual client needs

Creating value for your business


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