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Enabling Power and Utilities companies to manage and profit from Energy Transformation

Energy transformation is a reality: demand volatility, investment and affordability, cleaner energy, smarter energy, the changing role of the consumer - all of these components add to a new power and utilities market structure that drives companies' strategies. This will not happen tomorrow - it is happening now. The question is how this changing environment will impact the future model of power and utilities companies, from their assets to industry technology, regulation and customer engagement.

The energy industry requires long lead times for new projects, and even though the current global economy is struggling, the world’s population continues to grow. With this growth, energy demand will increase. Weighing the risks versus benefits of new projects, new products and how much capital to invest, oil and gas companies also have to consider regulatory, safety and environmental concerns. Balancing the need to supply the world’s energy needs with fossil fuels, companies are also looking at investments in alternative energy sources, including unconventional fuels such as biofuels, renewable energy sources, and ways to improve energy efficiency.

PwC works with our power and utility clients to help them deal with disruptive business challenges, to transform their businesses, grow their revenues and reduce costs. We help utilities develop new strategies, build new operating models, create new organisations and new ways of managing to deliver superior customer and investor value. It is this work that inspires our power and utilities team and drives us to deliver more innovation and more value for our clients.

The changing role of power utilities today

Traditional energy utilities that matured and prospered in the latter 20th century are increasingly struggling to meet the needs of their customers in the 21st century. Fast-changing consumer behaviours and new technologies are transforming and disrupting old ways.  This means that no single participant in the power and utilities industry can continue to satisfy all their customers’ needs – the pace of change is simply too much, too fast.  A new strategy for the future is needed, one that can withstand continuous change, one where all links in the value chain and how they interact are considered.

The utility of the future

Traditional power utilities’ relevance ebbs away every time a customer takes greater control over their own energy supply needs, whether through solar PV or other form of distributed generation or localised distribution.  To survive and prosper the ‘utility of the future’ will need to provide so much more than a reliable energy supply. A diverse range of customer, business and community demands must be satisfied and done so in a rapidly changing regulatory and technological environment. PwC believe the utility of the future is unlikely to control the full value chain but rather they will enable valued energy solutions for their targeted customers – they will become ‘energy enablers’.

Our leading local industry team

PwC helps organisations and individuals create the value they're looking for. PwC Australia is the country’s leading professional services firm, bringing the power of our global network of firms to help Australian businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work. 

With a team of dedicated power & utilities industry experts working across a broad array of professional services, PwC are well positioned to meet the rapidly changing needs of utilities clients across all sectors of the power industry value chain in the Australian market.

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