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Is your company a utility of the future?

The changes affecting power and utilities companies have provoked some apocalyptic headlines. While no-one would argue that the sector is dealing with the most significant transformation in its history, we’re much more optimistic. If businesses make the right moves to address the challenges they face and embrace the opportunities, they can be a thriving ‘utility of the future’.

But this means becoming so much more than a reliable energy supply.  To prosper, power and utility companies will have to satisfy a diverse range of customer, business and community demands and do so in a rapidly changing regulatory and technological environment. PwC believe the utility of the future is unlikely to control the full value chain but rather will enable valued energy solutions for their targeted customers - it will become an ‘energy enabler’.

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How we can work with you

We work with power and utilities clients to help them not just survive the current period of disruption, but reconfigure themselves for sustained success. Our experienced team of experts help companies to transform their operations, grow their revenues and reduce costs. We work alongside them to develop new strategies, build new operating models, and create new ways of managing to deliver superior customer and investor value.


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