Building a secure and resilient Australia

The New Equation in Cybersecurity and Digital Trust

How will you take decisive action against threats, and ahead of trends?

We bring together a community of cyber solvers capable of strengthening systems and delivering continued confidence through uncertainty and change.

As security needs evolve, so do the capabilities of our teams and power of our technology, coming together to build, earn and share trust in your organisation, and the country.

From global business leaders to local communities, regulators to researchers, our unexpected approach combines the unique capabilities required to solve - a step ahead of tomorrow’s cyber threats.

That’s The New Equation in Cybersecurity and Digital Trust.

The scenarios we’re solving for as a cyber community

In the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and digital trust, we’re creating a continuum of cyber protection for our clients, their customers, and our communities. Our specialist services are designed to address four of the most high-risk cybersecurity scenarios faced by organisations across Australia today. These include:

The threats are there. But it’s what we do about them that distinguishes our approach to delivery. Should an attack or breach occur, we bring the depth of expertise to solve smoothly.

If a cybersecurity breach happens, we’ll work alongside you to determine remediation activities and plan your path to recovery, while mitigating and responding to future risks before they become issues. Depending on the intensity of a given attack, you may also need to engage an incident response team for additional forensic assistance - and we can guide you through that. 

As regulatory requirements change, we at PwC help organisations solve through any complex challenges presented as part of an evolving compliance landscape. Together, we bring the breadth and depth of expertise needed to determine the current and future stage of compliance, and fortify your business accordingly. 

Where cybersecurity implications play a part (e.g. Prudential Standard CPS 234) or industry standards or privacy laws (e.g. the Australian Privacy Act and GDPR), our community of solvers help deliver confidence through compliance. 

Leveraging the scale and success of our global network, we bring worldwide learnings to the local environment, delivering best-in-class cybersecurity planning to support the implementation of new, more advanced technologies. As your technology portfolio grows, so too does the strength of our security – providing clients with a continuum of cyber protection to deliver sustained outcomes and maturity through change and growth. 

From C-suite right through to your customers, we work closely with a community to uncomplicate the complexity of cyber. That means we can provide practical guidance for adapting to shifts in your business. Where new systems or processes are introduced, and sufficient security planning has not taken place, broader avenues are opened to risks. As activities shift, this sends a signal to potential changes in your security strategy. Be it at a change in business drivers, strategy or a merger and acquisition (M&A), we help clients identify the critical points malicious attackers may target. 

It’s not uncommon for an organisation to be implementing a new platform, adjusting to new regulations, or managing a large business shift, unaware of an imminent cybersecurity threat. Our community of solves delivers the necessary cyber acumen and agility to work across every layer of your business, enabling seamless engagement to deliver sustained outcomes.

Unexpected factors that make your business more vulnerable to cyber risks

Often overlooked, there are seven unique factors that can increase your organisation’s vulnerability to cyber threats and attacks. These include:

  • Having an inaccurate view of your cybersecurity risk profile and threat landscape.
  • Having limited, inflexible or non-existent plans to manage cybersecurity incidents with appropriate cyber threat intelligence.
  • Having unnecessarily complex third-party supplier ecosystems where core functions are outsourced without adequate controls or understanding for clients.
  • Having changes in legal and regulatory expectations that impact boards, executives and staff.
  • Having rapid adoption of emerging technologies without commensurate controls.
  • Having poor or inflexible data protection or privacy management policies in place.
  • Having immature digital and technology risk management practices in play.

Any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s time to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy with The New Equation. Learn more about the solutions delivering sustained cybersecurity outcomes below.

How we solve your cybersecurity and digital trust problems

The most important goal for any cybersecurity service is to help mitigate risks associated with:

  • The confidentiality of information across your business
  • The integrity of your data
  • The availability of your systems
  • Fraud
  • Health and safety, especially where organisations operate systems in industries (e.g. transport, health and utilities).

Delivering the difference for clients and communities across Australia, our Cybersecurity and Digital Trust teams work with industry-leading solutions focused on the following areas:

Compromised digital identity

With the help of the community of solvers within our Digital Identity team, our work ensures that employees, customers, contractors – as well as other identities across the client environment are authenticated – with secure and seamless access to only the right information and systems, at the right time. 

Coming together in unexpected ways, our community of cyber solvers works across the design, delivery and implementation lifecycle of a project, which can range from designing strategy roadmaps and drawing up user journeys through to implementation of new technology solutions and platforms. 

Vulnerable operations and infrastructure

Our Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure team provides the expert protection for your business to manage its most critical industrial processes and resources from cyber attacks and digital disruption. 

We are experts delivering The New Equation in critical infrastructure and OT specific services, tailoring solutions across a wide range of services, from strategy to security architecture, incident response to security testing.

Inadequate data trust and privacy policies

Our Data Trust and Privacy team helps to ensure personal information is managed in accordance with Australian and global privacy and data protection regulations. Assessments provide the depth of detail to understand your cybersecurity maturity, and how to best manage your data and privacy accordingly. Strategic support is also provided on data and privacy to ensure any gaps are identified and a roadmap for improvement is established. Once ready, we provide the practical guidance as a community of solvers to implement a program of transformation across your teams in the areas of data governance or privacy. 

Exposed IT infrastructure

Delivering an expert line of defence, our Offensive Security team provides penetration testing, also known as ‘ethical hacking’, to proactively check for vulnerabilities in the operational and information technology infrastructure environment.

We use 'red teaming' to help mimic realistic threat actor techniques and help organisations test how well the combination of prevention, detection and response controls are working together to protect against real-world threats.

Ineffective detection protocols

We provide a connected perspective to help improve your detection mechanism development. This means, together with our Defensive Security Team, being able to detect when cyber criminals attack your environment. We call this 'blue teaming', while 'purple teaming' is when our red and blue teams work together through the threat lifecycle.

Our strength lies in our ability to be able to think ahead of trends, and take decisive action against threats. We have an expert understanding of the assets and business processes that cyber criminals are most likely to target, and we use our experience to develop detection and response mechanisms against these.

Inefficient management of digital risks

Our Digital Risk Management team will help you identify the risks and threats that your information and systems are facing. We will also work with you to address and manage how your systems can be improved across governance, people, process and technology. Improved risk management will reduce the incidence and impact these incidents can cause to your organisation. 

Our teams have three key strengths that will help you reinforce and automate your processes and controls. These include:

  • Identify technology and cyber-related risks.
  • Address and manage how you can overcome and avoid these risks.
  • Implement new technology solutions.
A lack of compliance with relevant digital laws

Delivering the difference for clients, our Digital Law team ensures your technology procurement and data protection policies and processes align with current (and ever evolving) digital laws. 

We will advise you on:

  • Strategic technology procurement, including commercial and legal advice and contract negotiation.
  • Any legal and regulatory issues associated with new technology, including cloud, blockchain and AI.
  • All legal aspects of data protection, including privacy, data commercialisation and cybersecurity incident response.

What makes our cybersecurity services the best fit for your business?

As a community of solvers, we come together in unexpected ways as one team, delivering Cybersecurity and Digital Trust for all of Australia. By bringing a breadth of cyber, digital risk and related legal services into a single-service solution, we pair the scale and success of our leading global network with the local insight and expertise required to succeed on the ground. 

Should your business experience a cyber attack, you would typically need to engage the following:


Cyber incident response expertise

Helping you and your team manage the technological and stakeholder response to the cyber incident.

External legal counsel

Enabling you to manage legal issues and any regulatory concerns you encounter due to the incident.

Digital risk expertise

Providing the support required to manage customers and any third parties involved in order to initiate remediation activities once the attack is under control.

Our end-to-end capability across our community of solvers delivers sustained outcomes through cyber challenges, regardless of how many problems you face, or the complexity of them. In consolidating our cybersecurity, digital trust and digital law practices into one unique offering, we deliver the human-led and tech-powered problem solving necessary to safeguard your business today, so you can focus on what matters most tomorrow. 

Building a secure and resilient society for Australia, we bring together the community of solvers necessary to strengthen systems and deliver continued confidence through uncertainty and change.

That’s The New Equation in Cybersecurity and Digital Trust.




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