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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG is key to delivering long-term stakeholder value

The expectations of business are shifting. More than ever, organisations are focused on creating value amongst a broad group of stakeholders - including employees, customers, suppliers, investors and community groups - whilst managing their broader obligations to society. Stakeholders are demanding companies to be more transparent about their performance.


Businesses are now using a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to meet growing stakeholder expectations, stay competitive, manage key risks and contribute to a prosperous and sustainable world.

The term “ESG” goes beyond environmental issues like climate change and resource scarcity - it encompasses all non-financial topics that are not typically captured by traditional financial reporting.

Are you ready for the ESG revolution?

Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies approach strategy, drive performance, and report results.

The management implications are significant - as is the potential for bold leaders to reinvent and inspire their organisations.

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Linking executive pay to ESG goals

Public pressure and changing norms are paving the way for business leaders to be paid based on a new set of criteria.

The corporate world is responding to the rising pressure to embrace the concept of doing well by doing good—and the expectations continue to increase.

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Examples of ESG topics


  • managing carbon and climate change vulnerabilities,

  • water, waste and pollution management,

  • transition to a circular economy,

  • renewable energy and clean technology, and

  • consideration of the unique rights of First Nations peoples to access, maintain and protect their lands.


  • human capital development, 

  • health and safety, 

  • ethical supply chain and sourcing, 

  • human rights,

  • privacy and data security, and 

  • community engagement, including a focus on First Nations peoples.


  • ESG reporting, 

  • risk-mitigation and management,

  • board diversity, 

  • executive pay,

  • tax transparency, 

  • business ethics, and 

  • policies that enhance corporate behaviour including protection of human rights.

How we can help 

A singular focus on creating shareholder value is giving way to a broader focus on stakeholder value. ESG initiatives can provide reputational and competitive advantages, unlock new opportunities, mitigate risks and increase long-term value. 

At PwC, we help our clients embed ESG into corporate strategies to realise new opportunities and future growth. We support end-to-end transformation to position businesses for a sustainable tomorrow. We help establish and build marketplace trust and credibility through rigorous, transparent reporting and assurance programs. We help future-proof businesses by helping them to put ESG at the core of their purpose. We provide an industry specific lens to ESG and support the identification of, and engagement with, stakeholders on issues that are material to them.

ESG is here to stay. We can help you make sense of it.

ESG service areas

ESG in strategy, deals, divestment and growth

We help businesses make the right choices to position themselves for a sustainable future. By implementing ESG into core strategy, we support organisations to identify new opportunities, realise future growth, create value and engage effectively with stakeholders.

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Business transformation and circular economy

We help businesses adapt the way they operate by implementing ESG throughout their value chain and into their operations. This includes all aspects of net zero transformation; infrastructure strategy, investment and funds; opportunities to embed circular economy principles; building a sustainable supply chain; addressing modern slavery and other human rights issues; and sustainable product and service innovation.

Climate & energy transition

Clean technologies and a rapidly transforming energy landscape is providing companies with opportunities for greater insight, control, and flexibility in the way they procure and consume energy. We help businesses gain advantage from world class energy investment and management, and unlock future opportunities.

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Future of reporting

A range of non-financial information is increasingly included in investor, customer, employee and other stakeholder communications creating a new challenge of consistent, high quality disclosure. We help businesses establish marketplace trust and credibility through rigorous, transparent reporting and assurance programs, and through communications strategies that engage stakeholders.

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Business ethics and corporate governance

Stakeholders - from consumers to investors, employees and communities - are scrutinising business activities and looking beyond the bottom line. We help our clients navigate issues relating to business ethics, corporate governance, executive remuneration, tax transparency and risk identification and management.

Human rights, inclusion and social impact

Protecting human rights, building diverse and inclusive cultures, and delivering impactful corporate responsibility programs is critical to supporting people to live dignified, prosperous and fulfilling lives. We help businesses engage with and deliver value to their broader stakeholders, including First Nations communities, and to effectively measure the impact of their activities.

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