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If you're looking to grow your business into Asia, or from Asia into Australia, we bring a combined knowledge of markets and our connected international network to help you succeed. 

By applying our practical experience, strength on the ground and deep cultural understanding, we can help you to navigate the opportunities and challenges involved in investing away from home. 

2016 APEC CEO Survey: Three secrets to successful Asia strategy

Asia is the growth story of this century, but it’s not waiting for anyone. If Australia wants a part, we need to get serious about developing Asia-specific strategies and making those strategies work. 

Businesses aiming to succeed in the region face a number of challenges. Three key challenges stand out: The impact of ‘behind the border’ regulation; leveraging digital technology to better understand and serve customers, and finding the right talent.

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Asia Pacific Tax Notes 2016

Asia Pacific Tax Notes, which is launched annually, provides a comprehensive overview of the key tax developments in 19 territories in the Asia Pacific region.

Doing business in Myanmar

A comprehensive summary of the various key developments, as well as practical guidance and considerations for doing business in Myanmar.

Indonesian Pocket Tax Book 2016

For the latest information about Indonesian corporate and individual tax at your fingertips, see the new 2016 Indonesian Pocket Tax Book.

Vietnam Pocket Tax Book 2016

The information in this booklet is based on current taxation regulations and practice including certain legislative proposals as at 1 March 2016.

2016/2017 Malaysian Tax Booklet

2016/2017 Malaysian Tax Booklet

Asialink Business and PwC Country Starter Packs

Targeted at businesses looking to enter Asia or grow their operations in the region, the Asialink Business and PwC Country Starter Packs provide valuable information on the different market opportunities for Australian businesses.

Gateway to Asia - Doing business in Taiwan

A concise guide to the key aspects of doing business and investing in Taiwan

Doing Business in Australia

Australia has one of the strongest, most competitive, open and flexible economies in the world.

Thai Tax 2015 Booklet

PwC Transparency report 2015

Emerging trends in real estate® – Asia Pacific 2017

Emerging trends in real estate gives a heads up on where to invest, which sectors and markets offer the best prospects and trends in the capital markets that will affect real estate.

2016 APEC CEO Survey: Three secrets to a successful Asia strategy

Asia is the growth story of this century, but it’s not waiting for anyone. Australia needs to get serious about developing Asia specific strategies and making those strategies work.

Indonesian Infrastructure: Stable foundations for growth

Infrastructure continues to be a top priority for President Joko Widodo’s administration.

The Renminbi

A practical introduction to conducting cross-border trade and investment with China

A new delivery - satisfying Southeast Asia's appetite through digital - 2016

A new delivery - Satisfying Southeast Asia's appetite through digital presents a view of how companies can prepare themselves to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

China Economic Quarterly August 2016

The China Economic Quarterly is a market outlook prepared on a quarterly basis by PwC to share the latest economic and policy updates.

Our diaspora's got talent

To succeed in Asia, Australia needs to start harnessing the capabilities of our expatriate community in region. We explore Australia's advantage in Asia and recommendations on what can be done to nurture, develop and leverage this talent pool.

The Disruptive Face of the Retail and Consumer Products Sector in China and Hong Kong

This report examines the recent developments and drivers of disruption in China and Hong Kong's retail and consumer products sectors as well as looking at how some innovative companies are responding to the challenges and turning disruption into opportunities.

The Rise of China's silicon dragon

China’s internet players are shifting the centre of gravity in the global digital economy and forcing multinationals to rethink fundamental assumptions about the sources of innovation-led growth.

Chinese cities of Opportunity

The Chinese Cities of Opportunity report is a series of city survey reports jointly released by PwC China and the China Development Research Foundation for discussion at the China Development Forum.

Blackmores: their Asia success story 


How is Asia shaping tomorrow's Australia?