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Committed to digitally transforming the way mental health and wellbeing services are delivered - with a focus on our people, our clients and society more broadly, to enable access to the right care at the right time.

Over two in five Australians aged 16-85 years (43.7% or 8.6 million people) had experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life. Factor in the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and these statistics become even more unsettling.

Australia’s mental health system is under increasing pressure, and the implications for Australia’s economy and productivity are far-reaching.

Good mental health means that you can cope with the normal stresses of life, work and study productively, feel connected to others, and are able to be involved in activities in your community. And what is urgently needed is a more connected and integrated system that improves the experience of people seeking care, accompanied by data and evidence to support the mental health system’s ongoing improvement.

The benefits of mental health reform could amount to more than $19 billion annually - a substantial sum considering that mental ill-health is costing Australia $43-$70 billion a year.

Developing a sustainable mental health system will require a practical, evidence-based and digitally-enabled approach with a regional lens. At PwC, our people recognise the complexity of implementing a population-based care model that enables better provision of 'the right care in the right place at the right time' for all Australians. We work in partnership with policy makers, service providers and consumers to try and bridge these challenges, helping to co-design and integrate more effective ways to achieve the outcomes desired.

PwC’s suite of mental health advisory services

PwC knows that mental health exists on a continuum. If we want to protect our prosperity and our well-being, we need to be bold and innovative. 

It takes a 21st-century approach to do this and requires solutions that leverage the strength of digital technology balanced against the need for true social connection and support. 

Our integrated offering blends people and culture, D&I, Wellbeing, strategy, economics and policy, service planning, change management, data analytics, infrastructure and technology experts to deliver well-received and impactful solutions around mental health.

We work hand in hand with policymakers and public servants to strategise for a better, more connected, and more resilient mental health system in Australia. 

PwC works with governments, policy makers and primary health networks to develop sustainable solutions around supporting mental health in the workplace, digital innovation and improving national mental health support services. 

We are constantly trying to challenge and innovate ourselves, including thinking through how we embed lived experience into our co-design and delivery responsibly and in line with good practice. We are committed to helping to build capability across the sector and evolve our own practice.

We are supporting workplaces to  understand the evolving requirements on work, health and safety (including psychosocial risk) applying evidence based frameworks, tools and technology to enable workplaces to practically address emerging challenges. We work with capabilities across the Firm to do this, including legal, regulatory, compliance and governance expertise.

But to ensure your staff get the mental health support they need, you need actionable insight and advice from trusted experts in workplace mental wellbeing.

Drawing on our core consulting and technological capabilities, we worked with Microsoft and SuperFriend - Industry Funds' Mental Health Initiative (SuperFriend) to develop a leading workplace wellbeing benchmarking tool. The Thriving Workplace Index reveals how mentally healthy your workplace is and identifies practical actions to help your organisation thrive.

Ensuring the Australian healthcare system and workforce has the capacity and capability to support mental health needs now and into the future is critical. Our experts are guided by this knowledge every step of the way. 

Technology and digital enablers are without a doubt capable of supporting a more efficient and cohesive mental health system. In fact, our teams have already worked on digital solutions to support centralised triage and intake models. Deployed appropriately across communities, this could drive timely access prioritised to need. Learn more

PwC Australia’s Mental Health Program

At PwC, we are committed to "walking the talk". We are recognised as a Gold Level employer in Mental Health First Aid Australia's Skilled Workplace Program, with our people trained in recognising the signs, starting conversations about mental wellbeing and able to articulate support pathways. 

We have appointed a Mental Health Impact Board and are working on the platforms and assistance we provide our people to ensure they have evidence-based tools to seek help, and we're investing in mental health literacy training. Importantly, we're sharing stories to reduce stigma in the workplace. 

Driven by our purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems, PwC is committed to helping grow Australia’s mental health. Drawing on our deep expertise in strategy and consulting, we are helping businesses, schools and universities build mental health.

We are working to digitally transform the way mental health and wellbeing services are delivered across Australia. We collaborated with the Brain and Mind Centre at Sydney University to launch Innowell - a tool which uses technology to help people get more timely access to clinical care, provides transparency around their mental health assessment, and provides valuable data to clinicians. The platform is evidence based, clinically validated and provides comprehensive, person-centrered digital tools to support the end to end management of mental health and fitness. Innowell has been successfully introduced across PwC Australia, giving employees access to personalised content tailored activities to help improve mental and physical fitness.

PwC is also proud to be a Founding Participant of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA), a business-led, expert-guided alliance of 15 of Australia’s largest employers, united in our mission to create mentally healthy workplaces for our people.

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