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Transforming Ageing and Aged Care in Australia

An overview of PwC’s community of aged care solvers who share your ambition for better health, wellbeing and fulfilment for senior Australians.

Aged care in Australia is at a critical time of change.

Our growing number of senior Australians deserve better healthcare, wellbeing and fulfilment which can be achieved by delivering safe, high quality and respectful care and services. Government, providers, clinicians, carers and the community are now presented with an unprecedented opportunity to work in partnership towards an aged care system of which we can all be proud.  Whilst the challenges are significant, there are great opportunities to improve Australian aged care services and delivery. 

PwC is partnering with our clients and key stakeholders across the system to meet these challenges. We bring together an unrivalled community of problem solvers and experts with a shared commitment to transform ageing and aged care in Australia.

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Our Aged Care Capabilities
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Solving The New Equation with Aged Care Transformed 

Australia’s population is ageing. With projections showing that the number of Australians aged 85 years and over will grow from 2.0% of the population in 2018-19 to 3.7% in 2058, this reflects an increase of approximately 1 million people in this age bracket building demand in a system already under pressure. 

Solving the new equation in aged care requires a transformational mindset and a comprehensive approach. An approach that meets the present-day need of the sector and adequately invests in sustainability for the future. One that is human-centred, insight-driven and digitally enabled. 

PwC Australia’s Aged Care Transformed Framework provides an effective architecture with which to meet the challenges and opportunities. Person-centred and focussed on the achievement of their ideal experiences and outcomes, the Aged Care Transformed framework provides an effective architecture with which to solve your most important problems and seize the opportunities presented by a new aged care system. PwC’s community of solvers bring deep experience, leading expertise and proven methodologies in each aspect of the framework.


Digitise the experience Focus onstrategy Enable yourworkforce Embedquality & compliance Optimise youroperations Person-centredtransformation

Person-centred transformation

  • Ensure the consumer is at the centre of every decision

Focus on strategy

  • Ensure robust governance, driven by integrity & transparency
  • Craft an ambitious, compelling & agile strategy to future proof the vision

Enable your workforce

  • Support a diligent, highly skilled, engaged & person-centred workforce
  • Enable a collaborative, inclusive & caring culture

Digitise the experience

  • Adopt and integrate digital solutions to drive efficiency and improve the care experience 
  • Develop a structured, data-driven approach to measure the care experience & progress continuous improvement 

Optimise your operations

  • Drive financial sustainability through optimised care-driven revenue streams, positive reputation & opportunities for growth
  • Ensure services & infrastructure are person-centred & fit-for-purpose and connected across the care continuum

Embed quality & compliance

  • Create shared accountability to deliver high quality, safe and respectful consumer driven care
  • Establish & maintain systematised compliance against Standards with a view to best practice


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Richard Ainley

Richard Ainley

Partner, Aged Care Health & Wellbeing, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 408 146 897

Kerryn Dillon

Kerryn Dillon

Director, Advisory, PwC Australia

Nicola Lynch

Nicola Lynch

Partner, Health & Wellbeing, Assurance, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 425 147 707

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