Tax laws in Australia and internationally are becoming increasingly complex. Around the world, tax planning activities are attracting more and more attention from governments, media and other stakeholders.

Against this evolving tax landscape, organisations face many challenges in establishing the most effective tax models. They must also:

  • understand and meet compliance obligations
  • adjust to regulatory changes and emerging trends
  • identify and reduce tax risks.

Combining the skills of financial and tax specialists with those of economists, lawyers and other in-house specialists, our Australian Tax & Legal team solves tax problems from the ideas stage through to execution. We are Australia’s largest multidisciplinary partnership, which means we have the experience and expertise to seamlessly offer both legal and non-legal services to your organisation.

We believe there is a need for an informed and intelligent conversation on tax reform, and we are leading this conversation both with government and with the broader community.

Whatever the nature of your business – high-growth entrepreneur, midsize company, family business or market leader – we have the tools, the local presence and the sophisticated, up-to-date regulatory knowledge to help you stay ahead of the game.

Our network of experts work across all industries to help you optimise your tax position, turning the tax function into a strategic business asset.

Creating value for your business