PwC Code of Conduct


PwC Code of Conduct

Doing the right thing – the PwC way

PwC's reputation in the business community relies on the fact that we uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in serving our clients and in all of our business dealings. To guide us in the conduct of PwC business and aid us in ensuring that PwC's culture of ethics and integrity is sustained, we have developed our Code of Conduct.

The values expressed in the code; teamwork, excellence and leadership, together with the behaviours demanded by those values - including professionalism, integrity, respect for each other and for the environment, good citizenship, and ethical decision-making - are deeply embedded in the culture of our business.

Ethics & Conduct Helpline

We welcome your views and questions. If you have any questions about our code, or wish to contact us about a business ethics matter, please use our confidential helpline or contact us by email.

Tel: 1800 ITRUST (1800 487 878)

Email: Ethics & Conduct Helpline