Organisational Design

Only 10% of companies sustain cost reductions after three years. Those who are most successful with their cost reduction initiatives have devised specific strategies that work with their corporate cultures.

"Global Finance Survey 2014"

Create efficient performance and reward structures that align to your strategy and engage employees.

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  • You have a change in strategic direction, merger or acquisition that will mean a change in structure, governance or leadership team responsibilities
  • You’re facing pressure to control costs through restructuring, centralisation and/or sourcing
  • Your organisation model has grown unnecessarily complex over time 

Organisational Health Check

  • Baseline your organisation in terms of people, process and cost
  • Understand the business strategy and leadership alignment
  • Identify opportunities for improvement within operating model constraints
  • Define end-state vision and design criteria to achieve your strategy

Detailed Design

  • Review and redesign organisation model and practices across your entire organisation or specific functions
  • Develop conceptual models highlighting core activities and key interactions
  • Design a detailed organisation structure, including accountabilities, capabilities and key performance indicators

Ways of working and governance

  • Redesign ways of working to ensure an effective organisation structure
  • Review and redesign governance frameworks to enable effective decision making in the new structure
  • Test conceptual organisation design using key business scenarios

Implementation and Support

  • Develop tools to ensure smooth transition to new structure (e.g. job descriptions, staff communication and engagement plans)
  • Develop people transition principles and change impact assessments
  • Partner with HR to embed new structures and support employee and union consultation

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