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Enterprise tax software solutions

Manage, streamline and automate tax compliance and reporting processes

Helping you create efficient and transparent tax functions is what’s important to us

At PwC, we’re working with businesses to empower tax functions to play a more strategic role through automation, accurate forecasting, stakeholder communication and risk management.

Ongoing local and international tax rule changes, regulatory changes, compressed reporting cycles and increased scrutiny by tax authorities over global tax arrangements is making it increasingly more complex to have a consistent, accurate and transparent approach to tax compliance and reporting.

Much of the time dedicated to tax compliance and reporting is spent on non-value added activities such as extracting reports from underlying accounting/reporting systems and manually re-keying and reconciling information into multiple and often duplicate spreadsheets rather than focusing on value-add analysis. This is leading to increased time demands, pressures and risk of error in producing the consolidated tax reporting numbers.


Greater flexibility, lower risk

PwC’s tax technology solutions enable businesses to drive efficiency with process automation, mitigate risks by removing human processing errors and provide powerful insights and analytics to make smart business decisions.

We offer end-to-end flexible and automated cloud-based solutions that simplify processes to make meeting your tax obligations and reporting simple.

Bringing together technology stacks including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, our suite of solutions can easily store, repeat and review tax compliance processes and routine tasks and calculations autonomously, with minimal human involvement.

PwC’s enterprise tax software solutions are:





User Friendly


They enable and empower you to:

Increase efficency

Increase efficency

Increase efficency

Reduce risk on existing manual processes

Master data ownership and analytics

Master data ownership and analytics

Corporate income tax

Supporting, simplifying and streamlining corporate tax compliance and reporting

Against the backdrop of a complex corporate tax landscape, PwC’s enterprise tax software solutions are designed to streamline and simplify the management of your corporate tax obligations. 

Together, with the support of PwC’s corporate tax specialists, we work with you to build shareholder and corporate value.

PwC’s corporate tax technology solutions:

  • With Tax Automate, an end-to-end truly integrated platform used to streamline, automate and de-risk your direct tax compliance and reporting obligations.
  • Machine Learning Automation solutions that will learn your business processes and gain intelligence over time.
  • Insights Automate platform which dynamically generates key data visualisations and analytics dashboards for review by key stakeholders and board reporting.
  • Use Swift an intelligent machine learning classification engine, to automate burdensome line-by-line review processes.


GST and Indirect Tax (Fuel Tax Credits)

Solving your Indirect Tax problems, delivering value and building trust with tax authorities through technology solutions.

Tax authorities are placing a greater focus on Indirect Taxes resulting in GST, FTC and other similar tax regimes becoming more widespread and complex.

Rigorous review programs have been introduced by the tax authorities, such as Justified Trust in Australia, meaning businesses are required to provide objective evidence demonstrating they have paid the right amount of tax. 

Global reporting obligations are becoming increasingly strict and real time reporting, standard audit files electronic data audits and e-invoicing are becoming commonplace. Data collected by tax authorities across different returns and jurisdictions is being cross-checked, benchmarked and data-mined.

PwC’s indirect tax technology solutions:

  • Swift an intelligent machine learning classification engine, to automate burdensome line-by-line review processes for Motor Vehicles.
  • Automate all of your indirect tax compliance processes with Comply First Time



Better manage trade, compliance and gain transparency of costs and opportunities across their supply chains. 

PwC’s Global Trade Analytics Platform provides businesses with a comprehensive profile into its import and export activity, visualised through interactive maps, tables and graphs which can be interrogated to a business unit, sourcing origin, supplier, customer, broker, country, port and product level. 

Our platform also has the capability to visualise trade and supply chain information such as trade flows by volume, value, tariff classification, duties paid and saved, clearance cost, supply chain cost, sanction countries and much more. 

PwC’s customs technology solutions:

  • Use Trade Analyser a cloud based tool that utilises your import/export data record from the Australian Border Force to produce a comprehensive profile of your import and export activity.
  • Experience Game of Trade an immersive game-based experience to explore the effects of tariff increases, non-tariff measures and protectionist policies on business operations, international trade and supply chains

Allow your people to drive value, allow technology to drive processes

Employment tax, people and workforce

Enabling you to realise and discover the potential of your people through automation

Businesses rely on people to support and drive their strategy. There are a range of obligations that result from this - from worker remuneration, through to tax and regulatory compliance measures which are becoming increasingly complex to manage and understand as workforces become more mobile. 

PwC has developed a suite of market leading technology enabled solutions to assist businesses with managing these people related processes, our solutions are designed to allow businesses to simplify and streamline day to day processes through automation.


PwC’s employment tax technology solutions:

  • Let Swift.GL machine learning algorithms to analyse your General Ledger accounts, to classify transactions that are relevant for FBT purposes.
  • Use FBT Declarations to automate the declaration process, allowing declarations to be completed by employees on their smart devices or computers.
  • Transform the way you meet their Employee Share Scheme (ESS) reporting obligations with myESS.
  • Equity Due Diligence allows you to simplify tax and regulatory compliance over global employee equity plans.
  • Use Car Parking Application to calculate the most tax efficent method to value car parking fringe benefits.
  • Automate the calculation of your workers compensation, vendor-related or payroll tax compliance obligations and receive sophisticated analytics, robust reconciliation and testing functionality with CFT Workers Compensation, Comply First Time Vendor Management and CFT Payroll Tax.

PwC has entered into a joint business relationship with a third party fleet telematics provider who may be able to assist our clients with automated car logbook requirements for fringe benefits tax or fuel tax credits purposes. Please contact us if you wish to discuss further.

Transfer pricing

Assisting multinationals to automate and de-risk increasing tax and transfer pricing reporting requirements

The increasingly complex reporting environment has led to new challenges for multinationals as they face an additional drain on scarce resources and heightened risk around data assurance and global reporting consistency.

We work with taxpayers and our PwC technology team to help design, on a client specific basis, the automation of processes to free up valuable resources and align the output for various reporting requirements from Country by Country reporting to local files, tax transparency reports and transfer pricing documentation around the globe.


Support with building your tax tech business case

Do you have an idea in mind to automate a business process or make process improvements? Our tax, legal and financial specialists can work with you to prepare a business case and move your idea from concept to execution with the support of your management team.

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