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US tax planning and compliance services in Australia for individuals, families and family offices.

More than tax compliance

Compliance with tax obligations across the US and Australia often requires careful planning and management to mitigate double taxation. Whilst certain tax structures are favourable from an Australian perspective, they may increase US taxes and compliance requirements. We can assist you in navigating these cross border complexities by:

  • Advising on optimal asset holding structures from a US-Australian tax perspective
  • Preparing and filing of annual US and Australian tax returns
  • Advising on US tax compliance for non-US based structures such as Trusts, Corporations and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Advising on US gift and estate tax considerations
  • Liaising with the IRS, US State tax authorities, ATO and
  • Working with your other advisors to ensure that cross border tax issues are considered with any investment or business decision.
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International relocation

Corporate executives and individuals who are embarking on an international relocation for business or personal reasons need to give consideration to the tax regimes of their home and host locations. Relocations may also result in increased tax compliance requirements for employees, regardless of whether this is part of a secondment or flexible working arrangement. We can assist you with:

  • Simplifying your current business and personal investment structures
  • The application of relevant tax treaties to mitigate double taxation
  • Determining the optimal time to establish residency or domicile in a new country; and
  • Local and international employer tax and reporting obligations.

Multi-disciplinary insights into cross-border investments

Investment structures and transactions are often well suited to the tax regime of one country but may result in complex and potentially unintended tax implications in another. Tax rules are subject to frequent changes and careful planning may be required as proposals are announced. We can assist you with:

  • US and Australian retirement tax planning (e.g., 401(k), IRAs, SERP/SERA plans and Superannuation plans)
  • Ownership structure planning for investments in real estate in multiple jurisdictions
  • Capital gain, global estate exposure and gift tax planning
  • Providing a dual lens on your current and proposed US and Australian investments
  • Structuring and reporting of your US and Australian holdings; and
  • Guidance on the optimal choice of investment vehicle from a tax perspective.

US Voluntary Disclosure Program and Renunciation of US Citizenship or Green Card

For non-compliance with US tax filing and/or reporting obligations you may be eligible to participate in the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. We can assist you with meeting your US compliance obligations through the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.

Where you want to renounce your US Citizenship or Green Card, we can help you with the associated tax filing and reporting requirements and the ‘Exit Tax’ considerations required prior to the decision to renounce being made.

If you are considering renouncing your US Citizenship or Green Card, we can help you with the associated tax filing and ‘Exit Tax’ rules. 

Our Australian-based team specialises in US tax advisory and compliance services for high net wealth individuals.

We assist individuals, their families and family offices to structure their business and investment holdings with a multi-jurisdictional lens to mitigate double taxation and ensure global compliance.

We are also experienced in assisting multinational organisations who have a US presence, US executives with their cross border employer obligations, and tax planning.

Managing multi-jurisdictional tax complexities

Tax planning and compliance for individuals and organisations become infinitely more complex when dealing with multiple tax regimes. Our US-Australian tax specialists in Australia backed by PwC’s global network of firms allows us to provide you with a tailored approach to these regimes and provide you with cross border advice on structuring and planning opportunities.

Our Australian-based team specialises in US tax advisory


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