Cultures and values

Over 80% of C-suite executives and leaders say culture is critical to their organisations’ success, and more than half see it as a bigger success factor than either their strategy or operating model.

"Strategy& - Culture’s role in enabling organisational change"

Make sure how your people work supports what you are trying to achieve.

Contact us if…

  • You are considering a merger, acquisition or divestiture
  • You are refreshing your strategy or changing your value proposition and need your people to adapt their attitudes and behaviours
  • You need to change employees mindsets and behaviours to improve risk or safety outcomes
  • You want a deeper understanding of your risk culture, potential hot spots and actions to take


  • Develop and implement interventions to close the gaps between your current culture and your desired one
  • Design and implement behavioural change programs to deliver improved safety and risk outcomes


  • Embed organisational vision and values strategies
  • Provide support and coaching to leaders to improve decision making processes and “tone from the top”
  • Influence and shape employees’ behaviour in order to improve business outcomes such as compliance, customer centricity, sales, collaboration, productivity and performance

Manage and Support

  • Assess and measure your current organisation culture
  • Provide post merger support, including due diligence, profile assessments for target and acquiring companies, and planning and support for cultural integration
  • Provide risk and safety culture maturity assessments, behavioural observations, decision making diagnostics, simulations and dashboards

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Jenn Whittaker
Director, Culture & Behaviours
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