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People and Organisation business

The burden of legal and tax compliance is ever increasing. This makes it more and more difficult for organisations to meet their regulatory obligations. Employers face challenges such as:

  • employment costs and tax risks
  • changes to government legislation
  • evolving business immigration procedures.

Our People and Organisation business brings together capabilities and expertise from across PwC. We give you a complete solution for all your ‘people’ matters.

Employment tax specialists

PwC’s employment tax specialists are now a part of our People and Organisation business. They can help you manage your people costs and risks by:

  • optimising your fringe benefits tax (FBT) and payroll tax obligations, including accessing refunds and incentives
  • helping resolve disputes with tax authorities
  • designing and implementing policies and systems, such as salary-sacrificing and in-house benefit programs.

Legal and immigration advice

Our legal team offers tailored solutions to help you effectively manage all stages of the employment relationship. We can help you with:

  • workplace reform
  • workplace strategy development
  • industrial dispute management
  • other legal matters
  • temporary and permanent skilled migration.

Employment Services Case Studies

FBT and Policy Development

Many businesses incur a substantial fringe benefit tax (FBT) liability due to operational requirements that necessitate a vehicle fleet. A large fleet does not necessarily have to result in large FBT costs. We were approached by one of our clients who was concerned with the size of their FBT liability, particularly in relation to employee on-call arrangements.

Such employees were using their vehicles for home to work use when on call which, as a result of strict Australian Tax Office interpretation, creates an FBT liability. Taking into account business issues, we recommended the client replace current sedans with modified vehicles that qualified for an FBT exemption. The change resulted in FBT savings and reduced vehicle capital costs.

Payroll Tax and Cost Reduction

Payroll tax regularly slips under the guard of the most thorough Tax Manager. A complete understanding of the various exemptions and State differentials requires more than a 'once a year' review. A client's Tax Manager informed us that he did not have complete confidence in his payroll processes.

After performing a high level review, we identified the incorrect inclusion of termination payments which had resulted in an overpayment of payroll tax of $400,000. Accordingly, a payroll tax refund request was lodged shortly after.

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