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Forward thinking organisations harness the power of data to remain relevant, improve customer experiences, and reshape how their business operates.

Barriers to Data Transformation

Many organisations fall short of achieving their data transformation aspirations.

Successfully transforming data in order to unlock its true potential for your business can be challenging; here are some of the obstacles you might typically encounter:

  • Absence of enterprise vision and endorsement from executive 
  • An antiquated workplace with limited skills and agility
  • A legacy environment holding you back from leveraging emerging technology
  • The time taken to demonstrate valuable insights in line with your business priorities 
  • Your desired culture change is not supported or embedded effectively within your business

PwC’s data transformation specialists collaborate with organisations like yours to unlock the potential of data by removing the barriers to change. Every organisation is different, many struggle with complexity. Our approach is proven - simplification at the enterprise level forms part of our solution.

PwC Australia’s 22nd CEO Survey (2019)

Business leaders have a desire to become more data-driven, but lack of confidence in data quality and gaps in their business capabilities creates a significant challenge.



PwC Australia’s 22nd CEO Survey (2019) showed that almost all local CEOs (95%) believed that their organisations’ long-term success and durability would rest upon better use of customer and client data. However, only 7% believed their customer data was sufficiently comprehensive to enable this.

Unlock your data’s true potential

Focus on outcomes that deliver a lasting impact.

The most important problems are better solved together. We open doors to drive  results and instil confidence in your organisation along with the customers and communities you serve.

We work in collaboration with you to define and execute the best approach to your data transformation journey, based on a deep understanding of your organisation and alignment with your corporate strategy.

PwC’s data transformation specialists are passionate about co-creating practical solutions - programs that match your appetite for change, and are in line with your capabilities (existing and future).

Regardless of the challenges your organisation faces, we help you to achieve successful outcomes that drive growth, improve organisational efficiencies, and mitigate your risks. 


How do you use and manage data to better control risk and meet regulatory obligations?

Our approach ensures data is managed as an asset with modern data governance and management practices, enabling your organisation to:

  • Better meet your current regulatory obligations and respond to new requirements

  • Make more informed decisions with quality, trusted data

  • Maintain and build on your reputation in the marketplace by exceeding your customers’ expectations of how you handle data


How do you optimise efficiencies and reduce costs in your organisation?

With our help you’ll build the right mix of data capabilities to streamline and automate processes and transactions, enabling your organisation to:

  • Reduce and simplify data technologies to automate operations to the benefit of your people, and customers

  • Realise the benefits of your technology investments

  • Leverage highly scalable cost efficient technologies to support business growth


How do you unlock new value for your business and your customers through leveraging data?

Working together we help you achieve your corporate goals and growth targets through data, by delivering new products and experiences that empower your customers, enabling your organisation to:

  • Develop a truly data-driven culture 

  • Build and sustain the right mix of data capabilities to support innovation  

  • Move from data to insights, and into action quickly

Pwc data transformation specialists and services

PwC’s data transformation specialists have deep knowledge and experience having worked with diverse organisations - we cut through complexity to deliver clarity.

We draw from our global network to provide best-in-class expertise in data transformation. With industry-leading, specialist knowledge of delivering large complex data transformational programs to clients in highly regulated industries, we help you build core strength in your business with data and uplift capability. 

By considering all elements of the transformation - from the perspective of your people and the organisation as a whole - we work with you to build the right mix of data capabilities needed to achieve outcomes faster. 

We believe that real data transformation requires a full spectrum of integrated data capabilities - the essential seven.

The essential seven:

Data strategy

Our data transformation specialists help you set the strategic direction and vision for your data transformation journey. We define a clear path forward to achieve your vision through a business case and program roadmap. This can be bolstered by the design of a new operating model and a key performance indicator (KPI) framework to support the delivery of valuable outcomes.

We help you:

  • Work with your executive team to define the strategic direction and vision for data, reporting, and analytics activities to achieve your corporate goals
  • Collaborate with your organisation to understand the problems that need to be solved and translate them into a clear set of prioritised data initiatives from the portfolio level down to minor updates
  • Develop a transformation program roadmap to deliver prioritised data initiatives and uplift capability across your organisation
  • Design a new operating model and supporting functions for data, reporting, and analytics
  • Design a framework of KPIs and organisation benefits to measure and deliver through the data transformation program roadmap

Data-driven culture

We help you establish your executive data mandate and support the fostering of a data-driven culture through a targeted program that uplifts data literacy. With our support, you’ll purposefully grow data skills to embed change across your organisation and transform into a data-driven business.

We help you:

  • Drive executive level sponsorship and support for investment in data, reporting, and analytics capability uplift
  • Enable a collaborative and innovation culture that supports data-driven decisions
  • Manage change and clearly communicate a narrative so the purpose and impact of the data transformation program can be articulated and understood by all
  • Collaborate with the teams involved in working with data to increase data literacy and enable them to move from current state to improved ways of working
  • Identify the core technical and non-technical skills required to build a data capability that enables growth

Data governance

Good governance is necessary for successful achievement of a data strategy. We work with you to set the principles and define accountabilities across the full spectrum of data management - covering the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used across your organisation.

We help you:

  • Develop your data governance framework that outlines the mechanism by which data management is applied through data ownership and data stewardship accountabilities
  • Develop your data governance operating model so it fits within your organisation structure appropriately and takes into account existing governance and practices
  • Standardise the meaning of data to support organisational understanding and effective sharing and exchanging by defining the rules by which data should be described and recorded
  • Develop data policies and frameworks that form the mandated direction for data activities across your organisation to standardise and align processes for consuming, producing and sharing data
  • Develop persona-based examples of how data governance will be practically applied in your organisation

Data and information management

Data and information management lay the foundation for becoming a data-driven business. We’ll work with you to implement the policies, standards, and business rules required so the meaning of data is not only defined and understood, but it is secure, accessible, fit-for-purpose, and trusted.

We help you:

  • Define and develop your business-facing data management services that enable data consumers to trust, find, access and share your data more easily with the right controls in place
  • Define your critical data assets including their sources, structure, descriptions, security classification and owners and prescribe the required application architecture, and technical capabilities required to manage them
  • Ensure data is fit for the purpose for which it is applied through effective data quality management practices including monitoring data quality
  • Capture and standardise how data is described, derived, and stored in your organisation as well as how critical data is defined, categorised, and managed with master and reference data management
  • Ensure data is classified, controlled, and protected across your organisation with data security management policies, standards, and rules
  • Capture and standardise how content (unstructured information) is described, derived and stored in your organisation with content management procedures

Data platforms and technologies

It’s important to embrace new technologies and build the right infrastructure to enable organisation-wide data, reporting, and analytics uplift to ensure your organisation gains maximum benefit from its data assets.

We help you:

  • Design a data architecture and select the right technologies to move from organisation strategy to enabling execution
  • Define an operating rhythm for managing different types of data across its lifecycle along the value chain from creation, extraction, integration, and consumption
  • Modernise and automate data platforms to transform and store data, and to operationalise reporting and analytics outcomes – fully utilising cloud-based technologies
  • Capture and integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources to maximise the value of the full enterprise data being generated
  • Select and implement data management tools and systems that empower the data owners and stewards and streamline data management processes

Reporting rationalism and uplift

Streamlined reporting is an enabler of an organisation’s corporate strategy. Our data transformation specialists work with you to develop a holistic view of reporting across your organisation, diagnose the root cause of reporting issues, and design an improved reporting strategy, operating model, and roadmap. This will enable you to reduce your costs and the time taken for reports and insights to be generated, so that you can produce trusted reports and insights to support your decision making.

We help you:

  • Surface issues in the reporting landscape across your organisation and understand aspirations for the future
  • Design a reporting strategy and operating model that addresses current issues, considers the benefits of a centralised vs. decentralised or hybrid approach, and identifies different report types (including necessary controls, and a defined end-to-end report build and run process which includes roles and responsibilities)
  • Design and implement a reporting rationalisation program by applying a people, process, and technology lens to effectively identify opportunities to streamline reporting costs and reduce risk through standardisation and improved delivery
  • Make the complex ‘simple’ by translating current issues into a clear set of reporting requirements or initiatives for the future
  • Develop a well-defined roadmap with prioritised initiatives to enable realisation of cost savings and an improvement in reporting across the organisation
  • Automate the landscape, utilising Cloud technologies

Cloud-enabled data science

Modern data platforms enable insights faster, create efficiencies and tighten the loop from development to deployment. Our data transformation specialists help you design and implement data platforms that enable strategic and operational requirements for data and insights, fully utilising cloud-based technologies.

We help you:

  • Align organisation and technology capabilities to design and transform your data landscape using the cloud
  • Leverage data from customer engagement, core processes, and functions to inform greater business insights
  • Construct and execute reusable solutions, code artefacts and patterns to quickly connect data sources to analytics and visualisations
  • Build and deploy genuine artificial intelligence and machine learning data engineering and data science (cloud-based) skill-sets
  • Define and establish governance for your cloud-based data platform to continue to create value and meet compliance standards
The Data Transformation journey

Our unique approach includes setting your strategic direction, uplifting capability as you go, and executing at scale across your organisation.

With a holistic data transformation program, we uncover and prioritise the problems you need solved most urgently and help you build the right mix of data capabilities to enable meaningful transformative change across your business for the future. Paired up with our agile and collaborative approach, we fast track your journey towards sustainable outcomes.

PwC’s data transformation specialists partner with you throughout your journey helping you:

  • Define your case for transformation
  • Build capability along the way
  • Become a data-driven business

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