Data literacy and capability framework

Designing and implementing a data literacy and capability framework to drive evidence-based decision making, and ultimately improvements in programs and fundraising outcomes


In response to increasing pressures faced by Australia’s not-for-profit sector over its effectiveness, high delivery costs, and increasing competitive landscape, this charity was seeking to implement a data enablement strategy. As part of this, the key strategic objective was to drive evidence-based decision making, with an uplift in data literacy and capability. 

The data enablement strategy formed a fundamental part of the charity’s strategic priority - ‘Data Enable and Digitise’. 

The charity’s low data literacy was impacting their quality and availability of data. Poor understanding of data systems and tools lead to a lack of confidence in source data. 

This ultimately impacted decision making and limited the charity’s potential to use data in powerful ways to drive action.


Established the foundations needed to strengthen organisational data literacy and capabilities:

  • Performed a gap analysis between the current and desired data literacy and capability 

  • Co-created a framework and implementation plan to strengthen data literacy and capability via a range of learning modes, this included:

    • High level strategy

    • Change management plan

    • Roadmap of priority data literacy projects 

    • Monitoring and evaluation framework

  • Identified data literacy related use cases for resolution to reinforce formal learning mechanisms and drive immediate organisational value by providing real problems to solve and opportunities to test and learn

  • Proposed a set of change recommendations that highlighted the roles, resources, training, and support required in relation to data 


  • Reduced risk of decreasing funds and donations by using data to attract and retain sponsors and donors who fund and support the charity’s vision

  • Increased direct impact of funds to the charity’s programs by using data to ensure the most effective and efficient ways to achieve the outcomes for children and young people were applied

  • Greater use of data to be an influential advocate and grow impact on behalf of students and families, and disadvantaged children and young people across Australia

  • Endorsement of the framework and implementation plan to uplift capability and enable their strategy, driving improvements in programs and fundraising outcomes


“The experience of working with the PwC team has been uniformly excellent. We appreciate your leadership on the project, your breadth of expertise as well as the high quality, robust deliverables. I feel confident we have the tools we need to uplift our capability and drive our strategy forward.”

Chief Executive Officer | Not-For-Profit

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