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In 2002, our China Practice was established to meet the needs of Chinese companies through a network of bilingual, Chinese and English speaking professional staff who share an ultimate goal of helping Chinese businesses succeed across borders. By working closely with our colleagues in China and globally as well as our strong connections with government, other business and academia, we strive to deliver high quality and a seamless service that will give you the competitive edge in Australia whatever the size of your organisation.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for cross-border investments and operations home and abroad specialising in:

  • 农业 (Agribusiness)
  • 资产管理 (Asset Management)
  • 银行与资本市场 (Banking and Capital Markets)
  • 能源、公用工程与矿业 (Energy, Utilities and Mining)
  • 医疗及相关产业 (Health and its related business)
  • 基础设施 (Infrastructure)
  • 保险 (Insurance)
  • 金属与矿业 (Metals and Mining)
  • 石油与天然气 (Oil and Gas)
  • 交通与物流 (Transport and Logistics)
  • 地产 (Real Estate)

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审计及鉴证服务(Audit & Assurance)


We work together with PwC offices in China and around the world to provide services including audit, risk management, regulatory and compliance response, internal audit outsourcing and much more.


  • 内控审计 (Audits of Internal Controls)
  • 针对金融机构的公司治理/风险管理/合规服务 (Governance/Risk Management/Compliance for financial institutions)
  • 内部审计 (Internal Audit)
  • 第三方评估服务 (Third Party Evaluation Services)
  • 财务报表审计服务 (Audits of Financial Statements)
  • 公司治理/风险管理/合规服务 (Governance/Risk Management/Compliance)
  • 财务报告咨询服务 (Financial Reporting Advisory)


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税务服务 (Tax)


We provide comprehensive cross-border taxation advice.

  • 国际税务 (International Tax)
  • 交易咨询 (Transaction Advice)
  • 税务治理 (Tax Governance)
  • 税务合规 (Tax Compliance)
  • 转移定价 (Transfer Pricing)
  • 技术解决方案 (Technology Solutions)
  • 研发税系统 (R&D Tax System)

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法律服务 (Legal)

  • 项目融资 (Project Finance)
  • 雇佣及劳资关系 (Employment and Workplace Relations)
  • 企业咨询 (Corporate Advisory)
  • 监管合规 (Regulatory)

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交易服务 (Deals)


A team of Chinese professionals will provide support in all stages of the deal ranging from the M&A strategy through to execution and post deal support. We also provide support in the areas of business recovery and management improvement.

  • 交易前收购战略 (Pre M&A Strategy)
  • 收购交易战略与估值服务 (M&A Deals Strategy and Valuations)
  • 交易架构 (M&A Structuring)
  • 业务恢复服务 (Business Recovery Services)
  • 交易后战略支持 (Post M&A Strategy Support)
  • 尽职调查 (Due Diligence)

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咨询服务 (Consulting)


A specialised team provides cross-border solutions ranging from strategy and execution planning, business transformation, execution support, and business stabilisation.

  • 客户关系管理、供应链管理 (CRM, SCM)
  • 风险 (Risk)
  • 合规 (Compliance)
  • 法务 (Forensic)
  • 战略 (Strategy)
  • 财务 (Finance)
  • 人事 (People)
  • 科技 (Technology)
  • 交易后整合 (Post Deal Integration)

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人事服务 —全球人才调配派遣/薪资/移民服务 (People - Global Mobility/Payroll/Immigration)


A team of Chinese professionals with strong knowledge of expatriate programs provide services on tax matters and financial planning for Chinese expatriates. We assist on all levels to instigate a timely and efficient process from the planning stage of an assignment through to implementation and returning home.  We also provide comprehensive legal advice for various visa applications and employment contracts, have a strong knowledge of immigration and employment law and provide a full suite of tax compliance work for expatriates and local employees.

  • 雇佣法 (Employment Law)
  • 移民 (Immigration)
  • 薪资服务 (Payroll Services)
  • 养老金 (Superannuation)
  • 个人所得税申报 (Income Tax Returns)
  • 员工福利税 (Fringe Benefits Tax)
  • 薪资税 (Payroll Taxes)
  • 工伤保险 (Work Cover)

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外包CFO服务 (Outsourced CFO services)




Our Outsourced CFO team specialises in supporting the Australian subsidiaries and operations of global corporations in complying with the local financial reporting, income tax and GST regime in Australia as well as assisting with providing timely and accurate financial information to manage the Australian business. PwC’s Outsourced CFO team gives you the confidence that your operation is compliant, so you can focus on your business growth.

Our Outsourced CFO service provides access to an all-encompassing finance function. Depending on your needs, we can be your finance function or supplement your existing finance team.  We provide subsidiaries of foreign multinationals with support, experience, insights and access to our global PwC network. Working with us means knowing your finance function is being managed expertly and safely.

Our solution is cost-effective.  You won’t have to deal with the recruitment processes or the commitment of having full time employees.  We can also scale up and down as your business changes.

  • 记账与财务报告 (Book Keeping and Financial Reporting)
  • 管理层报告与集团合并报告 (Management Report and Group Consolidation Reporting)
  • 薪资服务 (Payroll Services)
  • 税务合规与建议 (Tax Compliance and Advice)
  • 预算与预测 (Budgeting and Forecasting)
  • 设立公司 (Company Setup)

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