The Difference

We challenge and inspire the way people work, think, act and connect.

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We are The Difference.

We challenge and inspire the way people work, think, act and connect. In doing so, we make a difference to our clients, our people, our firm and society.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

PwC's The Difference is a team of experts in the process of collaborative, creative problem solving. We work with you, the experts in your business, to bring together the right people, unlock your 'group genius' and solve your most complex problems. Fast.

We help you to explore ideas, develop solutions and capitalise on opportunities in unique and powerful ways. Facilitated to fast-track idea generation and decision-making, you can compress months of effort into days – gaining fresh insights and inspiring better business outcomes.

We bring together the four critical elements of a successful outcome:

People – Your experts combined with our skilled team of knowledge workers contribute to the resolution of your issue or opportunity by sharing different perspectives and presenting them in different ways.

Process – We take our clients on a journey that promotes discovery through experience and decision by design.

Environment – Our collaborative, creativity-enhancing workspaces are distraction-free zones that provide our clients with the support they need to achieve their goals.

Content – We work with subject matter specialist to ensure your decisions are informed by the right content. The outcome can then be packaged to effectively engage and communicate within your organisation.

In our experience, if you present someone with a solution, they challenge it. However, enable them to co-design it & it becomes theirs.

What happens at PwC's The Difference?

Using our proven process, your people create, own and align around effective and efficient solutions. We bring together decision-makers, implementers and subject matter specialists from your organisation, your value chain and the market, to carefully co-design events, experiences and tools that groups engage with to solve complex issues or explore ideas in new ways. We do this using our seven-step process.

Each organisation is different and each set of challenges unique.

We work with you to understand your context and objectives so that together we can identify and tailor the most appropriate product or service for your needs.

  1. Form the Sponsor Team - A sponsor team of six to eight key stakeholders who represent the scope of the challenge take accountability for leading all participants through the process for a successful outcome.
  2. Scope & Articulate - Through a series of facilitated sessions with the sponsor team we define the problem to be solved or opportunity to be addressed, capturing the full scope of the issue and desired outcomes.
  3. Design - Applying design thinking we create a draft event, experience, environment or communication product suitable to achieve the identified outcomes. The draft is iterated with the sponsor team.
  4. Build - We pull all of the required content together, sometimes presenting old content in new ways, sometimes creating totally new materials, ready for the event or experience.
  5. Deliver - It's time to do the right work with the right people. This is the event, experience, environment or production of the set of tools that we facilitate.
  6. Capture Output - We capture the outputs from the activity so they can be shared with a wider audience. These outputs can take various forms depending on what is most useful to your organisation.
  7. Implement - Having solved your problem or determined actions to pursue an opportunity or idea, you now need to implement. We work with you to plan interventions and creative communications to drive ongoing engagement.

Working with us is unlike the traditional workshop experience.

We do not claim to have the answers. We collaborate with you – harnessing your specialist expertise and our creative problem-solving techniques – to help you achieve decision by design. We deliver:

Alignment - Our methods are grounded in an understanding of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics. We draw upon these disciplines to design events and tools that help participants gain insight into different perspectives, work through areas of conflict and reach alignment. As a result, your people gain a more consistent understanding of your organisation's direction, strategies and implementation approaches.

Ownership - The solutions developed are designed by your people – co-created with us. We provide a process which enables people at all levels of the organisational hierarchy to contribute to designing, building and testing solutions. This cultivates a sense of ownership and commitment to decisions essential to drive organisational change.

Acceleration - The methodology we use delivers solutions to complex problems. Fast. Work that usually takes three to six months of traditional processes is completed in days. We achieve this by carefully designing, structuring and managing parallel work processes. Our Creative Comms team can then help you engage and inspire large numbers of people across your organisation – accelerating company-wide engagement and buy-in.

Facilitating intensely productive and engaging work sessions, experiences, capabilities and tools by leveraging our skills and experience in:

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Storytelling
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Design thinking
  • Business
  • Behavioural economics
  • Graphic designs, enquiry
  • Task-based learning
  • Experiential discovery.

We help create an environment that promotes open communication, removes functional and hierarchical barriers and generates group alignment and commitment to a successful outcome.