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Grow - Edition 11

Personal commitment. Professional expertise.

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Snapshot of articles in edition 11:

News flash:

PwC's Private Clients is excited to announce the launch of PwC's Next.

Get fit. Get funded. Get big. Get out....What's next?

Tips on how to maximise a businesses value, how to prepare for an exit event, and implications of post-exit to your life.

When your business partner is no longer your life partner

Entrepreneurs Jodie and Michael Fox share their story on how they managed to still run a successful business after they separated

Grow - Edition 10

Personal commitment. Professional expertise.

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Snapshot of articles in edition 10:

BRW & PwC's Aspire Awards

A national awards program to recognise the contribution that private and family businesses make to the Australian economy.

Tax rule changes to employee share schemes (ESS)

Start-ups could be the biggest beneficiaries of the recent changes.

Managing and developing leadership talent in your organisation

Leadership Insights from a round table event focused on managing and developing leadership in small to medium private businesses with Rob Kaiser - advisor, author, and internationally recognised authority on leadership.

Grow - Edition 9

Personal commitment. Professional expertise.

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Snapshot of articles in edition 9:

Private businesses take a seat at the table

As a former business owner himself, the Federal Minister for Small Business, The Hon Bruce Billson MP, brought a sympathetic ear to a recent series of Roundtable events held in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, hosted by PwC's Private Clients team.

How to embed innovation DNA in your business

PwC regularly invites key international experts to share their experience and wisdom with our private clients. Professor Paddy Miller spoke to clients around Australia, revealing what he has discovered about the thorny topic of 'innovation' through research with private businesses across the globe.

Northern exposure: investing in the Queensland property market

After a volatile couple of years, the property market in Queensland has stabilised in certain sectors, and is once again an area of interest for a range of investors (on and off shore) looking for opportunities.


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