Megatrends: Identifying Sydney's economic, employment and population Centres of Gravity

2015 Future of work - Visions of tomorrow

People and Organisation run an annual megatrends event, this year, 2015 focuses on the future of work. What we are finding now is that many business and HR issues are being driven by disruptive innovations that are challenging the way we work, traditional industries and business models. We need to start thinking differently to keep up with the pace of change. We have a perspective on the future of managing people in that context and it involves 3 worlds of work (Blue, Green and Orange). It is a lens on how organisations might operate in the future and indeed no one model will prevail.

Blue World - Big company capitalism reigns supreme and consumer preferences dominate.

Green World - Organisations develop a powerful social conscience. Consumers demand ethics and environmental credentials as a top priority. The agenda of Society and business align.

Orange World - Technology empowers a low impact, high tech business model. Networks prosper while large organisations (including Government) decline.

These scenarios led us to think about what are the opportunities, risks and evolving demands for you and your people and organisations?

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