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A tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyse your General Ledger accounts, classifying transactions that are relevant for FBT purposes.

Employer benefits include:

Swift is PwC’s machine learning suite of automation tools. It can analyse large sets of data and make virtually any type of determination or classification based on previously learned behaviour and feedback. Over time, Swift self improves its ability to correctly make decisions, helping you to increase integrity and reduce burdensome tasks.

Swift can be adapted to your business’ specific needs and can be integrated into your existing FBT compliance processes.

Automating your FBT processes through Swift can assist with a range of issues, whilst realising efficiencies and reducing time, risk of error and creating tax savings to reduce your overall FBT liability.

By automating your FBT processes using PwC’s FBT automation solution, valuable time is able to be better spent making strategic decisions that can grow the business, using the insights gathered from these enhanced processes.

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