Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023

Australia's leading industry forecasting report into consumer and advertising spend across 12 segments

The search for growth

Welcome to the Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023. We trust you will find this, the 18th edition of the Outlook, an insightful resource to help navigate the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary Australian entertainment and media landscape.

The unifying theme of this year’s Outlook is the search for growth. Across the 12 segments we forecast in the Outlook, all players are united by an urgent search for growth and implementing the organisational transformation necessary to deliver it.

For innovation-focused media organisations, the search for growth has in many cases meant a ‘back to basics’ reorientation around fundamental value delivered to consumers, and a willingness to break away from legacy models defined by platform.



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A final word of thanks

This is the first edition of the Outlook for more than 12 years that has not carried the imprint of former PwC Partner, Megan Brownlow. Megan’s incredible contribution to the industry and this publication cannot be overstated. She has shepherded its development into the leading forecasting resource for Australian media and entertainment businesses. As the new editor, I know I can speak for all the contributors and the editorial committee when I say how privileged we feel to be taking on this publication. We have appreciated the enthusiastic support Megan has provided to the new team, and to me personally. We hope she enjoys this year’s Outlook. - Justin Papps

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