2022 Australian Telecommunications, Media & Technology Outlook

The Year of Optimism:

TMT continues to reshape the world and present opportunities through relentless innovation

As we pass the two-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic, the case for a prosperous digital economy only strengthens, coinciding with a global economic upturn.

The opportunity this presents aligns with rapid advances in some of the core technologies that underpin Australia’s digital economy. In this report, we survey the most important trends in technology, which combine to mark a new dawn for digitisation. These economic and technological shifts are creating new market opportunities and new business model possibilities in 2022. However, on the back of the pandemic and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), it’s hard to imagine a strategy for growth that doesn’t encompass a commitment to responsible business. The sector has never been more economically significant, and the formula for success has never been more sophisticated.

6 technology shifts defining 2022 

To form a view of the strategic landscape for opportunity in 2022, we’re interested in the trends that will most materially shape the markets and business models of our sector in the next five years. Based on maturity and impact, we see six shifts shaping opportunity, and as these technologies converge, we are witnessing a new dawn of digitisation.

Data continues to explode
Data explosion
Cloud and edge computing
Cloud and edge computing
5G and IoT
5G and IoT
Automation and robotics
AI, automation and robotics
Identity and security
Identity and security 
Essential Eight emerging technologies
Essential Eight emerging technologies
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10 market opportunities developing this year

Australian CEOs are optimistic about the year ahead with 76% expecting economic growth in 2022. The confluence of this rebounding global economy, the continued rise of digital and exciting technological advancements across the TMT sector present a number of opportunities for businesses to explore in 2022.

  • Customer expectations and the future of service
  • Small business digital maturity
  • Industry innovation
  • Media power shifts
  • Gen Z and the roaring tech twenties
  • Value in towers and fibre
  • Hyperscale networks and global infrastructure
  • Regional markets and new supply chains
  • Surging deals
  • Skills, talent and the future of work

4 tips for leading in the year of optimism

Success in 2022 and beyond will require new leadership competencies, new ways of thinking and new ways of working across the complex and very human dimensions of technology, trust and responsible transformation. This will require bold action at a time when many leaders’ inboxes are already overflowing. To sort the effective actions from the noise, we recommend focusing on:

Establishing a coherent and capability-driven strategy for growth

Treating digital innovation as critical to growth

Integrating business, experience and technology to thrive and win

Taking a structured approach to responsible business

PwC is well positioned to help TMT leaders with each of these challenges. Learn more from the report or talk to our team today.