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Machine Learning Automation

Imagine an automation platform that learns your business and gains intelligence over time.

Enterprise Digital specialise in solving problems for our clients with automated solutions, specifically leveraging machine learning technology. By embracing automation, PwC’s clients will not only solve the initial problem, but also embed automated robust processes which will mitigate the risk against staff turnover, human error and regulatory scrutiny.

Machine learning empowers business leaders to work with a platform that continues to gain intelligence over time. The more data seeded in to the platform, the greater knowledge it will absorb for future decision making.

Work with our machine learning specialists to transform and automate your business processes.


There are numerous instances where businesses receive financial data in PDF form and need to be able to manipulate that data in XLS. Smart.PDF automatically identifies tables within a PDF document, extracts the financial data contained in those tables into XLS and allows you to automate calculations on that data, or manually manipulate the data as required.

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There are numerous instances where businesses receive or create documents which need to be categorised into buckets according to the type of document, or ranked which documents best fits a certain criteria. Smart.Reader takes all forms of documents and automatically reads the content (even badly scanned PDFs) and identifies the relevant fields, categorises these and ranks them against your predefined criteria.  This is perfectly suited to reviewing a large number of documents during litigation, responding to an information request from a regulator, or implementing a new document management system. Remove manual review of documents and the associated time and errors!

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In a growing global economy, Enterprises conduct business with countries around the world and are faced with the challenge of language differences in commercial agreements and documentation. Smart.Translator allows companies to upload a contract and efficiently translate the language of the document in to a desired language. In collaboration with other automation tools in PwC’s suite of smart technology, Enterprises can minimise barriers and conduct business more efficiently.

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Process genuine, scanned or handwritten documents through a machine learning platform to translate them into a digital format. Over time, the machine learning will improve its intelligence in interpreting both structured and unstructured data.


Once in a digital format, the technology will collect the data, classify transactions, perform calculations and formats the data in to a desired analytics dashboard, financial statement, e-filing form or any pre-defined template.

Transform all the data into an analytics web based dashboard. With automatic updates, your analytics will be continuously accurate and easily available for real-time review.

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