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Enterprise Digital

We create. solve. innovate.

At Enterprise Digital, we search for problems and pain-points in your business and use cutting-edge technology to resolve and remove them. We’re different to ordinary consultants. We come with a deep background in technology and advisory - be it tax, accounting or legal.

Solving your problems is what’s most important to us.

With the backing of PwC, we’ve developed the largest team of our kind in Australia. We are constantly developing scale-able software products that have broad applications. As consultants on tax, legal and financial process, we’re able to implement and create solutions targeted at increasing your cash-flow whilst reducing working hours, cost, errors, risk audits and reviews. Our guiding purpose is to raise your standards of compliance and increase your bottom line.

Offering Overview

What does it look like?

1. Identify

Preliminary workshop to understand the core pain-points or opportunities within your function. This could be something simple (like collating and standardising data) or more complex (like determining the tax specific treatment of 1000’s of lines of expenditure). We typically try to find at least 2-3 “primary problems”, but we’ll be guided by you on what’s important.

2. Scope

During the initial workshop we’ll offer you some broad insight into what is possible from a “solution” perspective. This might involve an off-the-shelf PwC product, a process improvement or a custom automation or analytics product. In some instances, this scoping phase may involve a follow-up discussion or workshop, if necessary.

3. Prototype

Once we fully understand the problem, and have agreed a broad way forward in terms of a potential solution (or solutions), we’ll go about preparing a prototype demonstration of the solution so that you can visualise what to expect from an Enterprise Digital offering.

4. Build

We build the solution along side your business, IT and other stakeholders to ensure that the solution meets enterprise needs and requirements (including from an IT implementation and security perspective). We adopt an agile approach to development, which means we can make changes, if necessary, whilst we build and implement your application.

5. Support

Backed by PwC, the Enterprise Digital team support you through the initial phases of testing and using your application. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure maximise the technology on an ongoing basis.

What we do

We create. We solve. Inevitably, there are occasions when existing software does not perfectly match your needs. For this reason, our team has dedicated in-house resources capable of engineering new, bespoke applications that incorporate market-leading technology; including (amongst other things) machine learning. This unique approach allows us to deliver true automation efficiency and rigour through applications capable of making real-time decisions and providing powerful analytics.

This performance-driven, outcome-focused philosophy has led us to develop digital solutions that are now being patented and exported for use throughout the PwC Global network and across our client base.

Our focus areas


The use of Intelligent automation (incl. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing) in applications leads to improved efficiency, integrity and cash flow throughout the compliance process. These types of applications are capable of automating the review and determination activity for a variety compliance aspects, such as the tax sensitive classification of expenditure (i.e. capital vs revenue). and are being used by clients to automate everything from the review of one account to preparation of an entire tax return.

Process improvement

We combine industry based knowledge and technology to identify opportunities for improvement through process and technology. These solutions are aimed at lifting the burden of compliance and project based workflow. Through technology, we create efficiency using a combination of intelligent design and automation. This will reduce the amount of time required from your internal function, so that you can focus on completing the value-add work.

Powerful analytics

All of our solutions are capable of producing a suite of analytics, which can be customised to suit your business reporting requirements. We can also integrate your existing systems or applications with leading external providers to accelerate your existing functionality. Analytics can be extremely powerful and have assisted many businesses with identifying trends, detecting anomalies and making informed planning decisions.

Contact us

Charmaine Chalmers

Charmaine Chalmers

Enterprise Digital Leader, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 438 445 673

Theo Denovan

Theo Denovan

Enterprise Digital Partner, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 433 888 893

Warren Dick

Warren Dick

Tax, Reporting & Strategy Leader, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 419 479 279

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