We audit the greatest number of ASX 100 and Fortune 500 companies, tailoring our approach to each and every one.

In Assurance, you’ll get to grips with every aspect of your clients’ activities, then advise them on whether what they’re doing is sustainable, profitable, and legal. Our work provides confidence in financial reports, adds real value to our clients’ businesses, and develops the market economy.

What we do impacts everyone’s lives. The work can vary from auditing the financial results of ASX 100 businesses to provide investor confidence, to ensuring online banks have the right controls in place to protect your money and data, and much more. 

Across our teams, our best people are curious and known for taking on new challenges with flexibility, agility, and intelligence. These qualities, plus the fact that we’re passionate about making a difference to our clients, set us apart in the market.


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Partner Nicola Lynch talks about how her work makes an impact in the community.

Financial Assurance (Audit)

Our Audit team analyses a client’s financial reports to form a view on whether the information presented, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organisation at a given date. With the knowledge gained, the team provides support to clients (and trust to broader society) in an ever-changing world. The types work undertaken here comes in every form – from solving complex business issues, to improving how systems work, and providing confidence on the bigger decisions.  

In recent years, technology has rapidly changed everything around us. This has meant that we too have changed, for the better. Specifically, automation has allowed for far greater insights to be gained, which means the work Auditors do has an even greater potential for meaningful impact. It’s an exciting time for Assurance, with areas serviced such as robotic process automation didn’t even exist ten years ago! Our team is at the forefront of the profession in the way we are re-engineering and bringing innovation to a traditional service line.


Capital Markets and Advisory Services

Our Capital Markets Accounting and Advisory Services team integrates technical accounting expertise and practical experience in solving accounting issues, which arise from complex business structures, transactions, and accounting and regulatory change. 

The team works with clients to cut through complexity and explain the impact of different accounting and structuring options on capital raising, credit ratings, tax and financial reporting. In partnership with Assurance, Tax and Deals, they help clients reach accounting solutions that enhance their reputation and stand the test of time.

Risk Assurance

Our Risk Assurance team brings together data and analytics, technology, financial regulatory, and business process experience to enable our clients to drive growth and create a competitive advantage. We look at our clients' processess, policies, systems and controls with fresh eyes - helping them to see around corners, manage risk holistically and make well-informed decisions to keep their businesses on track. 

A role within Risk Assurance will see you working within one of several teams - Digital Trust, Data Assurance, Transformation Assurance, Certification & Compliance, and Governance, Risk and Controls. Here you'll work to help clients navigate a world where technology and innovation are having dramatic impacts. 

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