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CFO Advisory

Collaborative, commercial solutions to complex financial challenges

Today’s finance function is in a constant state of transformation. 

Finance has never been more relevant to strategy and success. Supplying the organisation with insightful analysis to enable smarter decisions, whilst optimising processes and ensuring strong corporate governance are now all core capabilities.   

Finance functions traditionally played a largely transactional, back office role. They’re now expected to stand side by side on the front line of the organisation as a strategic partner. 

Leveraging technology to automate processes, harnessing data to accelerate decision making and provide meaningful insights is par for the course. The function is also expected to play a key governance role in managing the complexities of financial and reporting obligations. Across organisations there are a myriad of solutions in the form of models, processes, technologies and innovations all of which require performance, operational and governance management and measurement. 

CFOs must also grapple with evolving the skillsets of their people as elements of finance functions are automated and teams need to become skilled in the use of emerging technologies such as data & analytics and leveraging AI. Managing cultural change and maintaining the right team dynamic of this is both an art and a science. Achieving everything that’s expected with constrained budgets adds another element to the demands on the modern finance function. They must navigate a path that balances risk and reward.

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Today's CFO faces many challenges

What we do

Our CFO Advisory team understands the challenges of the modern-day CFO, we work with them every day. We support CFOs and their teams in having a finance function to meet the changing needs of the business and build the trust and confidence of their stakeholders and positions them as a strategic partner. We bring market-leading experience to help achieve both short term goals and long term strategic initiatives while managing risk appropriately.

In our experience, high performing finance functions need to get three components right: a strategic operating model, modern governed processes and digitally enabled performance management.   

We work with our clients to review and optimise the function because when these are working effectively, the finance function is set up to support the business in improving financial outcomes from core operations and tackle emerging issues.   

We are a diverse, experienced and networked group of experts that work collaboratively with management and boards and draw on the full breadth of PwC’s capabilities to devise innovative solutions to your challenges and bring the right people to the engagement to deliver and implement the best commercial outcomes. We call this The Together Effect.

If you’d like to discuss how our team can assist your organisation please contact us. 


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Sam Lobley

Sam Lobley

National Leader, CFO Advisory, Melbourne, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 401 814 721

Justine Richardson

Justine Richardson

Partner, Payment Times Reporting Lead - Assurance, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 422 005 825

Niamh Hussey

Niamh Hussey

Partner, Melbourne, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 433 726 656

Marcus Goddard

Marcus Goddard

Partner, Brisbane, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 412 299 775

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