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Business Align and Connect - Scale up program

We are bringing the future to businesses by building collaborations for growth and driving targeted collaboration between startups and corporates with our hands-on scale up program.

What we offer in our scale-up program 

Through Business Align and Connect, we offer strategic advice to the best Australian high-growth tech ventures and provide opportunities to make innovation connections with our global network of corporate businesses. We bring together a passionate community of solvers from inside and outside PwC, committed to advancing the ecosystem of technology scale-ups in Australia.

This program enables us to showcase high-growth tech ventures, their groundbreaking innovations, and the important problems they’re solving to our clients. It allows us to present valuable opportunities to foster and build collaborations that help future-proof organisations through disruptive technology and automation.

As a high-growth emerging technology scale-up B2B business, when you join Business Align and Connect you gain instant access to personalised strategic advice and a number of doors that connect you with the most relevant companies in PwC's global corporate network who are looking for what you offer. 

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The services we offer

PwC is the best place to solve the needs of both high-growth emerging tech, and corporate organisations. Our powerful human-led, tech powered scale up program works as a connector between these two worlds to come up with new ways of thinking, working and solutions to untangle the most pressing challenges for both.


High-growth emerging tech businesses have great ideas that can solve important corporate problems but they often struggle to secure the right meetings, with the right people, at the right time.

We are the key to landing those meetings. We also have expertise across a wide array of topics and industries that can help high-growth tech businesses position – and if necessary, pivot – their offering while scaling up. To make things even easier, we’re building a library of tips and tricks scale ups can access.

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Large corporations have a host of complex challenges and opportunities that high-growth emerging tech businesses can help with, but they often struggle to navigate through the options. When a corporate organisation engages with our program and finds the exact tech they need to boom, they are future-proofing their organisation through disruptive technology and automation.

Our Business Align and Connect team does a robust due diligence on the scale-ups prior to joining the program, then we introduce to relevant corporates who otherwise might not have found or considered the available tech across industries including: ESG tech ( energy), Education tech, FinTech, Health tech, Operations tech, Regulation tech and the Future of Work.

Our 5 step growth process

We use our collective human ingenuity to understand a high-growth emerging tech business, the problems they solve, the corporates that would benefit most from their offering, and the most effective way to work alongside them to introduce their solutions to our clients, with:

  1. Introductions: We meet with an excellent high-growth tech venture to learn about their offerings, their plans and how we might be able to work together within our program.
  2. Agreement: We complete a due diligence business review, liaise with execs and boards if necessary and sign a contract.
  3. Planning: We run collaborative workshops and sessions that focus on the business proposition, pricing and more due diligence to ensure the pitch succeeds.
  4. Lead generation: We work with the high-growth tech venture and our internal sales teams on building strategic and focused pipelines with our corporate clients.
  5. Getting deals done:  We introduce the high-growth tech venture to the right corporate stakeholders who have problems that can be directly solved by their tech. We share feedback and nurture these relationships through to execution.
partnership for growth emerging business

Why PwC?

Our expertise has success in this space because we are a valued connector. We know our corporate clients’ problems intimately and have the skills and resources to navigate and position the best emerging tech ventures that can directly solve their problems.

A few growth success stories:

  • Tech company in hospitality and retail with applications in financial services found a client in a big four Australian bank. This deal will result in at least $5m of annual revenues to the client and will open the door to comparable deals at the other major banks.
  • Fintech company that had less than 40 clients 12 months ago and now has over 150 (including clients from Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne). We have made over 110 referrals and have generated over 50% of their current pipeline, which includes over 190 live proposals.


“We have been involved with the PwC’s Business Align and Connect for 12 months so and have generated several multi-million dollar deals, with a number of clients across Aus and NZ. In my opinion it’s worth the investment”

CEO of FinTech venture

Contact us

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Ross Thorpe

Partner, PwC Australia

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Mark Veyret

Managing Director, PwC Australia

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Imelda Alexopoulos

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Naomi Gallichan

Naomi Gallichan

Business Align and Connect Chief Risk & Operations Officer, PwC Australia

Rosanne Brand

Rosanne Brand

Partner, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 2 6271 3504

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