Emerging Companies

Get to where you want to go, faster

The PwC Emerging Company team works with exciting businesses to achieve their growth potential on a local and global scale.

Where are you now, and where do you want to get to? Our team is designed to bring the best of PwC to help you get there more quickly and efficiently, while protecting your competitive advantage.

To do this, our team offers a range of tailored services. Whether it’s launching a new product or selling overseas for the first time. Preparing to raise debt or equity finance from Seed through to Series A and onwards, or maybe you’re looking for strategic advice as you start your next stage of growth, we can help and add value.

We want to empower and support breakthrough innovations that are disrupting industries. This is why we provide high-potential startups, scaleups, SME’s and growth companies with direction so they can turn their vision into reality. 

You may also have come to a stage where you are looking for a strategic partner to facilitate growth or a full or partial exit.

The Emerging Company team is part of a global network of like-minded teams across the PwC network, including teams based in; San Jose, London, Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore and Tel Aviv. It is this network that provides us with the flexibility to share knowledge, skills and resources with speed and consistency - to your ultimate benefit. As a PwC Emerging Company client you will have access to the broader PwC service offerings and network of prospective clients and potential funders.

How we can work with you

Our team can work closely with you to deliver a range of tailored services for each stage of the business lifecycle. We will gain a deep understanding of your business plan, providing you with the support and tools needed to capture opportunities and navigate obstacles along your growth journey.

Our services are designed around three core pillars: 

Raise capital with PwC

We help businesses get the appropriate funding (debt and/or equity) from a variety of sources including high-net-worth individuals, venture capital firms, strategic investors and large corporate organisations domestically and internationally.

  • Determine your optimal debt/equity capital structure and working capital requirements.

  • Sell your story and define your strategy so that it appeals to funders.

  • Prepare or review your financial model, pitch deck and/or information memorandum.

  • Introduce you to our network of funders in Australia, Asia and globally.

  • Source debt or equity capital and support you during discussions with funders.

  • Set up and manage your dataroom, review hosted materials and support you through a financial and commercial due diligence process.

  • Determine and navigate trade-off between funding now, dilution and maximising value in the future.

Get ready for scaling with PwC Growth Advisory

We develop strategic roadmaps to help realise the growth aspirations of our clients. We implement and improve the corporate governance framework and board structure mechanisms, so clients can reach their milestones.

  • Develop or augment your business strategy.

  • Determine how best to deploy your capital.

  • Identify your key business drivers and sources of value creation.

  • Understand your competitive advantages and core competencies.

  • Optimise your revenue model including how best to unlock markets, channels, partners and ancillary revenue streams.

  • Explore M&A opportunities and shortlist potential targets such as prospective trade buyers.

Build and protect your wealth and assets with PwC IP and Regulation Advisory

We provide effective advice on how to structure businesses and activities in order to protect your earnings, wealth, assets and IP.

  • Establish an appropriate business structure in order to protect your wealth, assets and IP.

  • Understand the requirements for the R&D Tax Incentive program and help with your R&D tax claim preparation and submission process.

  • Determine government grants that may be relevant for your business and help you with the application process.

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Manoj Santiago

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Lisa Foster

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Simon Keeling

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