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Our people hold board and advisory roles with not-for-profits around Australia, using their skills at a leadership level to build capacity in the sector.

PwC OnBoard is connecting our people across the firm to board and advisory roles with not for profits (NFPs) they are passionate about. As professionals, we have a role to play in driving social change across Australia. PwC OnBoard bridges the gap between corporate Australia and the NFP sector; between our people and their communities. 

Through this program our people use their professional skills to give back to the community and in turn, NFPs gain access to the time, talent and networks of a range of PwC professionals. 

“I’d like to see NFP board placement programs like PwC OnBoard form part of Corporate Sustainability pathways for other organisations. The more accessible we make board leadership roles in the NFP sector, the more Corporate Australia will get involved and enable their people to use their skills to build capacity in the sector.”

Jane Edwards,Founder of the OnBoard program

Since the program commenced in early 2015, the PwC OnBoard program has doubled the number of female partners securing board and advisory roles. The program has also increased the amount of younger professionals sitting on boards as well as those from diverse backgrounds. The results are shifting the common misconceptions around the age, gender, cultural background required to sit on a board.

We have a diverse range of skills and expertise across PwC - from accounting, to consulting, strategy as well as digital and cyber experts. 

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Shae Kuipers

Shae Kuipers

Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 3 8603 3528

Jane Edwards

Jane Edwards

Director, Corporate Sustainability, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 3 8603 5839

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