Activating our people

At PwC Australia, we don’t place a limit on the contribution our people make to social impact

We encourage all of our people at all levels to think about how they will personally apply the firm's values to their work. In doing so, we have unleashed our greatest asset: our people and their time. 

Social Impact Time provides our people with the opportunity to add value to society.


Volunteering (skilled and unskilled)



Championing issues

Championing issues

How does it work?

We invite our people to incorporate social impact into each stage of their career. Social Impact time isn’t mandatory; it is something our people can freely engage in. In FY 19 almost half of all PwC’s people have activated their Social Impact Time. 

Take a look at how our people used their Social impact time in FY 19

PwC's response to the 2020 bushfire crisis

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Partner, Social Impact, PwC Australia

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Director, Social Impact Leadership Team, PwC Australia

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