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PwC’s board program recognised for making a difference

Every day our people do amazing things and these achievements deliver value either internally, to a client or to the wider community. Jane Edwards is one of those individuals who has done Australia proud!

Jane was one of five winners in the Asia Pacific Recognise 2016 Awards for her PwC OnBoard submission. This is a fantastic achievement given there were nearly 400 entries from 15 territories across our Asia Pacific region. Jane had her outstanding contribution recognised at the annual Asia Pacific new partners conference in Hong Kong late last year. We asked Jane about her experience.

Tell us about your winning submission, and for those that don’t know, what ‘PwC OnBoard’ is?

PwC OnBoard is a program focused on helping our people (and some alumni and clients) secure not-for-profit (NFP) and Government board roles. Our submission focused on the difference our people are making to NFPs and the important work they do in our communities. It also shared some of the amazing diversity outcomes that PwC OnBoard has achieved, particularly in relation to gender and generational diversity.

What did it mean for you to win the Recognise Award?

It meant a huge amount! It was also a great story to teach my two girls about persistence as I had entered the Awards last year and, whilst PwC OnBoard was a country finalist for Australia, we didn’t win an award. I almost didn’t apply a second time as I thought the opportunity had passed but I am so passionate about what PwC OnBoard is achieving that I gave it another go.

As the winner, you attended the new partners conference… tell us more about the event and the role you played.

The conference was an amazing opportunity to meet with new partners from across Asia Pacific. I attended a day of the conference which included a brilliant session from Luke focused on culture - and then an “Amazing Race” around Hong Kong in the afternoon - a great way to see Hong Kong!

Overall, how would you describe the experience and what you took away?

The experience was one of the best of my career. I have built a number of relationships with colleagues across the Asia Pacific and am continuing conversations with a couple of territories who are interested in setting up PwC OnBoard in their country, which I am working with them to achieve.

For further information about PwC OnBoard, reach out to Jane Edwards.

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