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Trade matters

Welcome to our expert trade hub, where you can stay up to date and explore insights from our leading experts on Australia’s most pressing International Trade matters.

The opportunities, complexities and challenges for both business and government in effectively managing International Trade have never been greater. Are you up to date with the latest developments that could impact you?

Global trade - have we reached the tip of the iceberg?

Recent tensions between the US and China have led to escalating concerns that an all out trade war is imminent. US tariffs and retaliatory tariffs from China, the EU and other countries are a clear deviation from past strategy and the pursuit of market liberalisation by major economies. These measures are having a tangible, negative economic impact on global markets with trade volume growth declining to its lowest in several years.

These changes have brought everyday issues of trade and commerce to the attention of policymakers and business leaders worldwide. However, the rising tariffs represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to barriers to trade. There are numerous non-tariff barriers to trade which are less visible but are equally restrictive and costly for businesses to deal with. Import permits, licensing requirements and excessive regulatory requirements can be just as, if not more damaging to Australia’s international trade profile as tariffs.

Game of Trade

The impacts of rising tariff measures and other pressures on the global Trade landscape provides an important opportunity for businesses to consider the barriers to trade impacting the efficacy of supply chains. PwC Australia has developed Game of Trade to enable businesses and governments to witness the effects of tariff increases, protectionist policies and non-tariff barriers first hand in a simulated environment. Game of Trade is an immersive trade war simulation experience where the impacts of actual, planned and threatened tariff rises and other non-tariff measures can be assessed and potential mitigation activities identified and explored.

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Trade Community System

Remove complexity with a ‘Trade Community System’ which links key supply chain information and ensures trust in that information by using blockchain technology.

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Free Trade Agreement Utilisation Study

The role of FTAs for Australia’s ongoing prosperity

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