What workers want

Winning the war for talent

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A strong EVP is no longer a nice to have, but a must. So, where to begin?

We surveyed 1,800 Australian workers, from the frontline to the back office, and found that 38% are planning to leave their job over the next 12 months, but 48% of business leaders have no plans to redesign their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). To win the war on talent, organisations need to revisit their EVP. But first they need to know what their employees want.

In What Workers Want: Winning the war for talent, we explore the priorities of Australian workers. Data-led insights illustrate how those priorities change across gender, generation and geography - and exposes an expectation gap between what leaders believe and what workers actually want.

Explore insights and practical recommendations on how organisations can change their EVP.

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What workers want

The needs and expectations of workers are incredibly diverse. To help understand what these are, we asked 1,800 Australian workers - from the frontline to the back office - to force rank their preferences based on what they value most from an employer. The results were surprising. Read the report here.

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One size fits none

Our research highlighted different EVP preferences and wants across demographics. This is vital information for your strategy - your EVP must be based on the dominant segments you want to keep and attract. For example women are consistent in their demand for the right culture, wellbeing support and flexible ways of working. Gen Z ranks work-life balance as the top priority and Gen X wants to work alongside good co-workers.

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Gap between leaders and workers

There is a sizeable gap between what workers want and what senior leaders think their people want. Leaders told us their workers are engaged, and employees agree. But there is a stark finding in this. In the current climate we can’t equate engagement with an intent to stay; EVP’s must give workers what they want. Take a look at the expectation gap in black and white.

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Employee Preference Index

Although an EVP is complex in nature, it doesn’t need to be complicated. We've developed an employee preference index with seven levers to help leaders organise their thinking and drive effective change. Read more here.

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