The Board’s role in rewiring work

Questions and considerations for Non-Executive Directors

When it comes to building strategies for the future of work and hybrid working, the task faced by Non-Executive Directors is equally complex and urgent, with many interconnected factors to weigh up. 

Earlier this year, we ran a series for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) looking to help organisations shape a future of work that works better for all. Dominic Price, Workplace Futurist at Atlassian, kicked off the series and set the framework that solving the future of work is no longer just a nice-to-have, it's a fundamental need.

Leading thinkers explored the key challenges, opportunities, watch-outs and questions NEDs need to be asking as they help organisations emerge stronger and engage with the enormous opportunities now presented. 

How we make it work

How we make it work

As organisations look to stay a step ahead of risk and legal considerations in a hybrid work environment, PwC partner Bryony Binns and Salesforce’s APAC Employment Counsel, Lori Middlehurst discuss the strategic choices and trade-offs organisations need to face.

Workforce implications

The effect on our workforce

Explore the significant impacts of technology on the global and Australian workforce with PwC’s Ben Neal and Chief Executive Officer of Faethm, Michael Priddis. Discover the intricacies and opportunities that lie in workforce planning as we look towards a hybrid work future, at a time when rapid technological change will continue to play a critical role.

Where we work

Where we work

With an emphasis on employee sentiment and applying lessons learned during the pandemic about how people work best, we discuss why it’s imperative that organisations engage with the issue of workspaces far more strategically than in the past.

Our experience of work

Our experience of work

Employee experience is critical to the success of any organisation’s hybrid future of work strategy. Michelle Kam, partner in PwC’s Strategy&, NeuroPower Group Chairman and Author Peter Burow, and NeuroPower Group partner Misha Byrne, talk about the importance of adapting our approaches with a focus on employee’s social cognitive needs.

The Board’s role in rewiring work

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