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Thinking beyond: How the pandemic is rewiring a new world of work

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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen Australia undertake a national ‘work from home’ experiment. We learned to juggle professional and personal obligations and collaborate virtually. Work has fundamentally changed forever, and with that comes the chance to innovate and iterate, and define a new path.

Thinking beyond: How the pandemic is rewiring a new world of work is aimed at sharing and helping businesses take the next step on their future of work journey.

Based on PwC’s own data-backed insights sourced through our Future of Work Jam, and overlaid with analysis from our subject matter experts and insights from behavioural science, the report investigates what the future of work looks like for Australian businesses – while offering actionable insights to help organisations think beyond the pandemic and plan for their future of work.

What have we learnt?

People love the individual flexibility of working remotely; it should be the norm, rather than the exception. But there are some challenges for organisations.


spend more time coordinating


say the company's culture has changed for the better


believe their career would be impacted negatively by remote working


feel confident about the future of work

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