Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022

Australia's leading industry forecasting report into consumer and advertising spend across 12 segments

PwC's Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022 webcast

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Publishers and retailers are looking for new and interesting ways to engage customers and drive transactions.

New offerings show the sector is targeting more niche audiences and specific lifestyle trends.

The growth of streaming has created shifts in business strategies to find and build new audiences.

The TV set is still the most popular screen for watching TV/video content.

Gaming is blurring with mainstream culture.

The current explosion of data usage shows no sign of easing.

To unlock the next phase of growth in the industry, publishers and advertisers will use the ubiquity of data.

The live music market is predicting growth as artists work hard to leverage and monetise fan engagement.

Newspapers have transformed in recent years into multi platform news providers.

Out-of-home continues to be the fastest growing of the traditional advertising media.

Radio is forecast to remain a steady performer.

The subscription television market grew in 2018 with more options available for consumers.

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