Emerging Companies

Get to where you want to go, faster

As an emerging company you may have a great idea or innovation that’s got potential to grow, but you need a little direction to get you there. PwC’s Private Clients bring together a number of disciplines aimed at identifying, growing, developing and helping companies with extraordinary potential reach their vision.

Our dedicated team works exclusively with emerging companies. We give you access to PwC’s network in a flexible arrangement that is aligned with what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you need help raising capital, getting your product into a new country, gaining a key alliance or partnership, or whatever else defines success for you, we have the expertise to guide you along your journey.

Am I an emerging company?

What defines an emerging company is not the size of your business – how many employees you have, your annual turnover – it’s your ambition. Are you fast-growing? Are you trying to change and improve the way things work in your industry? Do you have aspirations to continue that journey and to really make a mark?

Our acceleration program

We offer five main tangible services to emerging company:

Get fit.

Is your business in peak condition? In order to get funded you need to get fit. One of the reasons so many businesses fail is owners don’t realise how much capital they have invested. We can help you to understand the optimal working capital percentage and turnover which is essential to ensure a business can manage growth from profit and debt in the right proportions. We can help you to understand if you are creating wealth or destroying value.

Asset protection

While it may not be a primary initial consideration for most emerging companies, asset protection can have a big impact on valuation and global expansion, especially with regard to intellectual property. For example, how do you protect your intellectual property when manufacturing offshore? How can you demonstrate to potential investors that their investments are secure? We can help you manage your assets in a way that keeps them, and you, protected.

Raising capital

We can prepare your company to raise capital by helping you to sell your story and define your strategy so it appeals to investors. We then connect you with our network in Australia, Asia and globally to help achieve your professional and personal ambitions.

Employee and founder engagement

We have a range of services that help you get the best out of your employees and yourself. We advise on how to reward employees appropriately, take advantage of available tax initiatives, and structure share options schemes in order to maximise the talent that you have.

Our HR consulting experts have experience working with emerging companies and can advise on how to structure teams, how to find the right people when you’re expanding your business, and how to develop the business culture and values you aspire to.

Maximising value on exit

The rigour and demands of a due diligence process is often underestimated, whether for a trade exit or IPO. Selling a business requires different skills and a different mindset from running it. Not only will you need to deal with any emotional feelings with your change of purpose; you need to consider the change to your personal and financial circumstances.

You only get one shot at selling your business; engaging the help of professionals can help you maximise its value and plan for what’s next.

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