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Fit for the new normal

Growing Australia's higher education sector

In the 20 years before COVID-19, the higher education sector in Australia has successfully grown international sources of income, with campuses designed for largescale in-person engagement. 

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In a COVID-19 disrupted world, higher education institutions are left with many choices in how they respond and what this means for their multiple purposes. Tomorrow’s successful educational institutions will have distinctive brands that reflect their purpose and a clear focus on excellence in defined areas. 

While national policy settings should also be considered, there is much that higher education institutions can do themselves to determine their growth path through the 2020s. The questions that higher education institutions should be asking themselves today include:

  • What is our purpose and differentiated proposition?
  • How does our purpose determine our future activities and our size and shape?
  • How will we develop the enablers for success in the new normal?

Our latest report "Fit for the new normal" enocurages institutions to reposition and grow by clarifying what they want to stand and be known for and plot their path ahead so that they become fit for the new normal aligned to a clear purpose.

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