Higher education: Creating more responsive, resilient and connected institutions

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Higher education is the engine room of the future workforce of Australia. But with the shifting requirements of business and industry this sector must embrace changes in technology, innovation and student needs in order to remain relevant.
We work with leaders across the higher education sector to develop more responsive, resilient and connected institutions to help secure a strong workforce of the future.

UNSW 2025 - Vision & Strategy

UNSW embarked on the implementation of their 2025 Strategy with PwC to deliver their objective of being one of the World's Top 50 universities.


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Strategy development and execution

Alignment of the University to its strategy is essential

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Improving academic performance

Market growth is slowing domestically and continuing to grow internationally

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Technology enabled business transformation

Increasing competition – onshore and offshore universities and NUHEPs

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Workforce planning

Workforce planning is essential given the uncertainty in the regulatory and funding environment

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Improved student experience

Increased competition within the Higher Education sector in Australia is driving Universities to improve their student offering

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