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Tax Automate Platform

Designed, developed and supported by income tax professionals for income tax professionals, the Tax Automate Platform is the ONLY end-to-end truly flexible and automated solution that simplifies the process of integrating your tax provisioning and income tax compliance.


PwC’s Tax Automate Platform is a single integrated and truly flexible tax automation platform which manages, automates and de-risks your income tax compliance and reporting processes.

The Tax Automate Platform uses Robotic Process Automation to extract relevant data sources (for example, your trial balance or your tax fixed asset register from source systems), uses machine learning to interpret this information, and then builds workpapers to seamlessly generate the relevant tax calculations and disclosure outputs. All outputs can be visualised and further analysed through the Tax Automate Platform's beautifully integrated and dynamic data analytics functionality.

All of these steps can be easily stored, repeated and reviewed with knowledge transferred in future years, mitigating any key person dependency risk and ensuring all routine tasks and calculations are carried out autonomously with minimal human involvement. 

The Tax Automate Platform can be licensed under a co-sourced engagement in collaboration with a PwC Tax Compliance review, or for insourcing your entire income tax compliance and reporting process. An end-to-end automated compliance and review - problem solved!

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Robotic Process automation (RPA) is used to automatically extract data directly from your GL, ERP or other source system(s) and then import this data into the Tax Automate Platform.

After the data has been imported into the Tax Automate Platform, it automatically processes your data and performs the necessary calculations to produce relevant disclosure forms and statements.

With automated custom reporting and the ability to generate real-time integrated dashboards and data analytics unique to your business, users can easily view the outputs in their own specific format, increasing efficiencies and allowing critical resources to spend time on more value accretive tasks.

The Tax Automate Platform will populate data in a format suitable for e-filing, Income Tax Returns for companies, trusts, partnerships and AMITs.

Integrate and automate your tax provision and tax return processes using a common platform anywhere and at anytime, reducing elapsed time spent to prepare tax turns after year-end by months. Improve the accuracy of your estimates for tax throughout the year while reducing the risk that the final tax return is materially different from that estimated throughout the year.

TaxAutomate, uncomplicate the complicated!

“The Tax Automate Platform allows our clients to fully automate income tax preparations to focus on analytics and areas that require human judgement. The platform empowers tax functions to play a more strategic role because they can run calculations at any time for forecasting, stakeholder communication or risk management.”

Charmaine Chalmers, PwC Partner

Key Benefits

End-to-end solution

The Tax Automate Platform prepares and fully automates the accounting for income tax and tax return processes. It extracts your data, performs classifications, calculations and generates outputs for analysis and submission. The automated outputs include (but are not limited to) the population of: 

  • Statement of Taxable Income

  • Current Tax

  • Closing Deferred Tax

  • Movement in Temporary Differences

  • Tax Asset Reconciliation

  • Tax journals and tax notes

  • Form C Disclosures.

Allow your teams the freedom to perform value-adding work and remove manual, time consuming processes.

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Tax Automate has been designed and developed by tax professionals at PwC. The unique collaboration with tax specialists allows the cloud-based platform to be updated or customised in accordance with your business structure, tax processes or changes to legislation. 

The application is agnostic to information systems such as ERPs and general ledgers, and can facilitate both structured and unstructured data sources. 

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Increased efficiencies

Deploying an enterprise tax automation tool generates significant internal efficiencies. Tax Automate can automatically process tax adjustments, workpapers and other routine computations such as:

  • Thin Capitalisation

  • Distribution Statements for investments

  • Controlled Foreign Corporation calculations

  • Any other calculations relevant to your business.

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De-risking existing manual processes

PwC understands the major financial and compliance risk associated with manual processes. By deploying an automated tax solution, businesses can mitigate the risk of transpositioning errors associated with excel spreadsheets. Tax Automate has the ability to track changes, manage versions and provide one source of truth for all your data. 

Furthermore, the cloud based solution mitigates the risk of employee turnover and key person dependency. Clients have the freedom to easily access their data through the cloud-based web application, instead of employee hard drives.

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A simple and user-friendly design

Tax Automate’s user-friendly interface is intuitively designed, easy-to-use and provides a truly seamless experience for users. There are no complicated user manuals or difficult navigation panels. The Tax Automate platform has been carefully designed for users to manage complicated tax processes, in a clean and simple environment. This includes:

  • Clean navigation panels

  • Simple drill-down functionality to give full visibility of the data behind each calculation

  • The ability to track changes made on each workpaper

  • Copy and paste functionality from an external excel file, directly into a Tax Automate workpaper.

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Mastering data ownership and analytics

The Tax Automate Platform provides full control and ownership of all data inputs and calculations, along with dynamic integrated visualisation dashboards. Tax Automate users have a customised dashboard so they can easily review, analyse and forecast business performance.

With the ever growing compliance obligations and regulatory scrutiny, having full visibility and understanding over large volumes of data is critical. The Tax Automate Platform provides enterprises with a solution to eliminate manual processes and focus on data and compliance integrity.

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