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Customer-led growth

There needs to be an unprecedented focus on the customer to accelerate growth and meet the needs of citizens against a backdrop of economic, regulatory and rapid technological change. Our PwC Global CEO Survey has found this is one of the greatest challenges facing organisations today. PwC sees this as an opportunity.

Organisations must bring together new capabilities across experience, operations and platforms, uniting whole organisations around the delivery of compelling and profitable brand propositions. We call this customer-led growth.


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The four hallmarks of successful customer-led growth

Through our research and experience in delivering transformation programmes globally, we have identified the essential ingredients to fuel customer-led growth based on redefining the relationships between customers, partners, capability leaders, employees and management.


Create immediate and lasting sources of value between customers, employees and organisations

With the concept of value changing between companies and their customers, organisations need to evaluate how they create lasting enterprise growth through insight, operations, experience and their brand. It requires looking beyond transactional exchanges of cost, quality and convenience to reimagine the value equation based on a mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and shared value.


Bring together your customers, people and partners to design and deliver transformational change

Co-creation steps beyond engaging customers and employees in design to architecting the transformation from a customer perspective. Delivering transformational change not only requires input from customers and frontline staff, but consideration for risk and regulatory requirements, flexible change management and critically, understanding and consideration for the funding pathway for transformational initiatives. In practice, this means not only involving customers, people and partners in design, but drawing on expertise from across the organisation, including finance, risk, legal and learning and development teams, and shaping implementation around delivery of customer outcomes.


Connect your experience, operations and platforms to deliver your strategy

To deliver on new sources of value and brand promises, organisations need to build new capabilities, joining-up their experiences to empower their people to deliver. This requires sophisticated change management, involvement of staff, and the leveraging of new technologies that allow people to be coached and continually adapt to new ways of working.


Create and sustain momentum to deliver commercial and customer outcomes

Transformations are long term commitments and leaders need conviction to see them through, balancing the demand of short and long term goals. True transformation requires an evolution of leadership rooted in purpose and vision for the future, and the ability to build trust between customers and employees. Conviction is underpinned by the establishment and continuous execution of effective governance, to ensure accountability for delivering the benefits of the transformation programme.

Our offerings:

PwC have brought together market-leading capablity to:

Develop customer-led growth strategy

Create unique and branded experiences for customers and staff

Optimise marketing, sales and service operations for customers and staff

Build technology and analytics solutions to achieve your vision for customers and staff

We bring our people, experience and analytics & technology solutions to accelerate your customer-led growth.

Customer-led growth success

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Transforming the patient experience at St. John of God healthcare

St John of God Health Care (SJGHC) sought to transform its patient admissions and specialist relationship management process, as part of a broader business transformation program.

Watch how PwC and Salesforce re-imagined existing processes to help St John of God's redefine patient-centric healthcare and accelerate customer-led growth.

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Delivering digital transformation powered by Salesforce for Melbourne Market

Melbourne Market Authority sought to implement a new CRM, placing the needs of their customers first as part of their broader digital enabled journey 

Through Customer-led growth's co-creation, we brought together operations, customers and relationships to design a personalised and enhanced customer experience enabled by the technology of Salesforce. 




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