PwC and Amazon Web Services

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PwC and Amazon Web Services

Human-led, tech-powered and obsessed with solving your most complex business challenges, PwC and Amazon Web Services (AWS) bring purpose-built and industry-leading cloud solutions to Australian organisations.

Whether it’s leveraging digital insights to improve organisational sustainability, driving citizen-centric outcomes or unlocking innovation in targeted sectors, we work with you to develop solutions that support and accelerate your strategic goals.

How we can help

Strategic problem solving.
We develop deep relationships and knowledge of your business so that we can provide unique insights that align with your commercial, cloud and technical objectives. We work to understand your requirements in detail, using scale and agility to mobilise bespoke teams from within our combined ecosystems.
Business transformation initiatives.
Beyond simply migrating workloads and applications to the cloud, we help you maximise your investment ensuring your cloud based solution generates tangible and sustained results.
Accelerated cloud adoption.
We leverage our expertise and experience to deliver rapid and effective cloud transformations. Whether it’s a new build, or a complex application migration, our cloud transformation services ensure effective delivery, leveraging global best practices.
Reliable implementation for mission-critical cloud projects.
With PwC and AWS, you can trust that each project is led by the most capable specialists in the market, delivering secure, reliable and seamless transitions.
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PwC Solutions built on AWS 

Get deeper insights from your data, make more accurate predictions, reduce operational overheads and improve the experiences you offer customers by leveraging AWS’ machine learning and artificial intelligence services. PwC and AWS partner with you at every step to ensure you have the tools, infrastructure and support in place to deliver high performance outcomes. 

Make faster, better and more automated decisions by leveraging data in the way that best suits your organisation. We help you optimise AWS’ wide range of data services, from data migration, storage and lakes, to advanced and streamlined analytics and more. 

PwC and AWS can help take your solutions to market faster and more effectively with AWS’ cloud-native applications and services. These are developed from the ground up to take advantage of the scalability, security, flexibility and efficiency of our joint cloud capabilities. 

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